02 – Places to visit in Adıyaman

Its history is old and it has a high interest in tourism. There are natural beauty and historical places to visit. It is one of the oldest known settlements in history.

Adıyaman, which was in the position of an accident due to Malatya by preserving its old administrative structure until the foundation of the Republic in 1954, left Malatya in 1954 and became a detached province.

Mount Nemrut – Ruins : Nemrut, a volcanic mountain, was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1987 as both a natural monument and a man-made historical monument. 
Taurus Mountains, one of the peaks of Mount Nemrut range, is considered among the most dangerous volcanoes that can be put into operation in Turkey.

Cendere Bridge: This bridge is located on the Cendere Stream in Adiyaman and is one of the oldest bridges in the world.

Karakuş Tumulus: This monumental tomb belonging to the royal family of Commagene takes its name from the eagle statue standing on the southern column. In addition to this tumulus, which is 9 meters high, there is a monumental tomb built by piling up 21 meters high pebbles. There are four more monumental columns around it.

Perre Ancient City: In 2010, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism General Directorate of Cultural Heritage and Museums after the investigation by officials prepared ‘Environmental Order’ plan was put into practice. Starting in December 2012, ‘Environmental Order’ plan has taken significant distances.

Roman Fountain and over 200 rock tombs of Perre Ancient City, which attracts great interest of tourists with more landscaping will attract tourists. Within the framework of the environmental plan, a lot of work will be carried out in the ancient city of Perre.

Oturakçı Bazaar: Handicraft products such as carpets, rugs, sweets, bags and saddlebags are sold as touristic goods in this historical market in Adıyaman city center.

Arsemia Antique City: The most striking rock relief of Arsemia is the handshake scene of Antiochos I and Heracles, which are located towards the hill. Handshake shows that God and King are equal. This scene is called dexiosis. In this relief, the king is seen naked with a long felt cone and Oriental dress and Herakles with his bat.

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