08 – Places to visit in Artvin

Artvin, which is one of the most beautiful places of the Black Sea region, is not only fascinated by the beauty of nature and the warm approach of the people. in some regions it is also possible to use lazca as a mother tongue.

Trabzon and Rize , as well as the people in the region is referred to as laz , in our opinion, the actual city of lazlar artvin. 

Artvin, Çoruh River, which divides the province in two, long valleys with steep slopes, high mountains rising one after the other, natural forests without axes, crater lakes at the peaks of high mountains, Karagülleri, green plateaus, fauna and flora, historical church, castle and arch Bridge, traditional architecture and festivals with various tourism values ​​is an authentic tourist resort.

If your road falls around Artvin , I recommend you to visit Rize , Trabzon and Bayburt .

Atatepe :  It is a great place that makes goose bumps from the center to the hill and makes you say WHAT HAPPY TURKIM when you go to it. Recipe impossible experience!

Hell Creek Canyon : Remains remarkable with its elevation of more than 200 meters, resembling a steep wall and preserving its characteristic for several kilometers. Ardanuç is located in the Hell Stream and 25 km from Artvin-Ardanuç motorway. Canyon, located in the city, with its interesting natural structure is one of the places worth seeing in our province.

Double Bridge : The Ortacalar Kemer Bridges, estimated to be built in the 18th century, are planned to be perpendicular to each other at Küçükköy and Arılı road separation, 2.5 km before Ortacalar Village of Arhavi district. The two bridges are similar to each other and consist of one eye.

Deliklikaya : Deliklikaya, which is a hidden paradise yet and whose nature is intact, is a candidate to be one of the most important values ​​of our province in tourism.

Arsiyan Plateau : It is located between Pınarlı, Demirkapı, Ilıca villages of Şavşat and Posof district of Ardahan. On the Arsiyan Mountain, there are plateaus belonging to Cevizli, Yasar, Saylica and Kayadibi villages of Savsat. It is lined with lakes.

Village in the Highlands Plateaus, Artvin province Yusufeli district of the village. The village center is located on the upper shore of the Hevek Creek. The village has surrounding neighborhoods such as Olgunlar, Mosque, Şereze, Köramet and Karamolla.

Satlel Castle : A large part of the fortification walls of the castle, which was used during the Ottoman period, is still standing. In terms of plan type, it is similar to Bagratli castles. There are cistern and chapel ruins inside.

Mençuna Waterfall : Mençuna Waterfall is one of the most visited places in Arhavi. There are wildlife, historical bridges and various vegetation around Mençuna waterfall which increases tourism value day by day.

Maral Waterfall : Maral Waterfall, which adorns the Maçahel Valley, surrounded by three branches of the Karçal Mountains (3,415 meters), falls from a height of about 65 meters.

Yıldız Lake : The water of Yıldız Lake, which is fed from the mountain waters, is very cold. We are sure that the travelers who visit here in the summer will want to immerse themselves in the cool waters, but it should not be forgotten that the water is too cold to rinse.

Otingo Spa: Welcoming thousands of tourists from around the world every year with its healing spring waters, Otingo Spa distributes healing to its visitors for hundreds of years. The spa, which attracts great interest of local and foreign tourists, is located in Balcı village of Borcka district of Artvin.

Beyazsu Plateau : It is an extraordinary plateau decorated with dazzling landscapes that lie just below the peak of 3,405 meters of Karçal Mountain.

Dolishane Church : It was built by Sumbath, King of Bagrat X. XVI. century, a part of the monastery was used as a mosque, only the Church has reached today. According to the inscriptions found in the monastery church, the kingdom of Iberian king Tao-Klardjethie was built in 954-958 by the architect Gabriel.

Lifestyle Museum : The museum hosts all elements of cultural life from past to present. In addition to ethnographic products, the museum also includes some animation units in traditional life.

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