09 – Places to visit in Aydın

One of the first places that come to mind holiday in Turkey is also Aydin. It is one of the most visited provinces of our country for holiday purposes . If you want to enjoy the sun and wander the beaches in summer, Aydin is a good option for you. If you want to visit thoroughly while you are ready, the following list may be useful.

Dilek Peninsula : National park within the borders of Güzelçamlı and 28 km from Kusadasi. away. The Dilek peninsula, which lies between the small meander and the Büyük Menderes, is part of the five hundred million year old meander mass.

Aphrodisias Antique City : Respectful to Kenan Erim: Aphrodisias Antique City-Monumental Entrance Gate in Aydın province. (Tetrapylon) The world-renowned Turkish archaeologist Kenan Erim has a great service and contribution in reaching the present archaeological value of the city.

Miletus Museum : Miletus Museum was opened in 1973. Generally, it was prepared for the exhibition of archaeological artifacts found in Miletus. It consists of a hall with a pool and a second hall which opens to this hall and the other one is smaller. Here, BC. XV. century Mycenaean ceramics, Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman period works are exhibited.

Kurşunlu monastery : the most important feature of the church (chapel) ceiling is the crescents. symbolic and geometric motifs in the iconoclastic (against idol) period; In the second half of the 9th century, after the iconoclastic period, it was shown in religious events or personal frescoes. fish, rooster and grapes are the main religious symbols.

Güvercinada Castle : offers a visual show as well as history for those who see it with its wonderful view. Its purpose is to prevent attacks from the sea in the Peloponnese rebellion. While enjoying the sea in Aydın, you should definitely interfere with the historical atmosphere of the city. Magnesia Antique City, Miletus Theater, Didyma Antique City and Aphrodisias Antique City are among the points you can include in your list.

The ancient city of Tralleis : It is located on the plateau on the southern slope of the Chestnut Mountains to the north of Aydın. 1 km from the city center. away from the city, was founded by Argos and Tralleis. This city, which was founded on the fertile soil of the Menderes basin, changed hands frequently between the Hellenistic kingdoms after it was taken by Alexander in 3334 BC.

Forum Aydın: Founded in September 2007, Forum Aydın was launched as Multi Turkey’s third investment in the Aegean region. Forum Aydın, the largest shopping and living center of Aydın and its environs, is within walking distance of Adnan Menderes University, which has approximately 22,000 students, and 2 km from Adnan Menderes Boulevard, the city’s most vibrant commercial center. away. Forum Aydın has a good visibility from both sides of the Denizli motorway

Priene Antique City: Priene is small; structures as well. Most of the buildings belong to the youth years of the city. Here you will not encounter massive Roman buildings that catch your eye in many historical sites. The visitor feels that he is returning to the time of Alexander as he wanders through public buildings, streets and residences.

Arpaz Castle: The building group in Esenköy of Nazilli was founded on the slopes of Harpasa Castle, a Carian city. In some sources, the name is also referred to as the Arpaz Tower. It was built by Arpaz Beys at the beginning of XIXth century, the owner of the large farm enterprise which covers the cultivated land extending to Akçay. However, here XVII. And the remains of the Ottoman Period belonging to the XVIIIth centuries were also encountered. Based on this, it can be thought that the castle was built at an earlier period and later renewed. This place resembles a castle with a mansion, security tower, barn, stables and outbuildings. The tower was built by the masters brought by Hacı Hasan Bey from Arpazlı from Rhodes during the reign of Mahmut II.

Saplı Ada: Today, Saplı Ada , which is a separate land and a natural beauty, still extends like a bridge body between the shore and the island. The Hippedamos settlement of the 6th century was later destroyed. Although the walls around the settlement have been destroyed by the sea, it is possible to come across the remains of these walls in some parts of the island. Saplı Island is not an island; is the peninsula. There is a sea road where even a vehicle can easily pass through the sea. When the sea is withdrawn, the island can be reached by walking or by car. The sandy beaches around Sapli island, which resembles a temptation, are an exquisite option in Akbuk.

Zeus Cave: It is a beautiful wonder of nature where those who visit to their close surroundings cool down with the jumping place in the mouth of the cave where they enter the water. Sounds a little creepy to you. When the crowd goes, you can hit the bottom of the fun.

Didim Altunkum beach : Family beach is available, you can enjoy the azure sea. Watch out and don’t stay in the sun for long ..

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