10 – Places to visit in Balıkesir

Tourism and cultural activities can not eat the right of Balikesir. There is a beautiful vegetation and settlements.

Natural beauties and promenade places, museums and historical sites, historical buildings and beaches, and maybe there are multiple places we missed.

Balıkesir Districts

Altieylul, Ayvalik, Balya, Bandirma, Bigadic, Burhaniye, Dursunbey, Edremit, Erdek, Gomec, Gonen, Havran, Ivrindi, Karesi, Kepsut, Manyas, Marmara, Savastepe, Sindirgi, Susurluk, Susurluk

If your path falls here one day or if you plan to use your school preference in Balikesir, we have listed the places you should see as follows.

Kaz Mountains : It is one of the most famous places in Balıkesir. If you are going to create a trip list, your list should be in the first place.

Monastery Beach Manastir Bay is 22 kilometers from Erdek and 43 kilometers from Bandırma. The bay where linden scents are dominant is very suitable for camping with tents and there are hostels in the village. Monastery Bay is a small, charming, green and untouched natural beauty.

Cunda Island: One of the most remarkable islands in our country in terms of places to visit. Although the island’s current name is Alibey Island, it is known as Cunda Island. The name of the island today is taken from Lieutenant Colonel Ali Çetinkaya, the commander of the first contingent who started the armed struggle by failing to obey the order of the sultan to surrender to the Greeks during the War of Independence

Church of Agios Yannis Known as the Agios Yannis Church , this building has been serving as a museum, bookshelf and cafe under the Rahmi Koç Museum since 2007. The church is a small rectangular building made of cut stone and brick and covered with a vault.

Kozak Plateau: It is known that the natural vegetation is peanut pine and Kozak Plateau, which has around 5 million pine trees, has been covered with pine forests since Bergama Kingdom.

Kapidag Peninsula: It is located on the outskirts of Kapidag peninsula, which is a natural wonder surrounded by natural hiking trails where hiking lovers can easily make short and long walks.

Manyas lake:  Water is sweet, crayfish and about 20 fish species live in the lake. The most interesting aspect of the lake is the bird paradise on the north east coast, where about 2-3 million birds come every year.

Hisaralan Spa: Spring waters are classified as sodium bicarbonate thermal waters containing fluoride. Water is fluid in its own form and rises to 172 liters per second. It is used as a sedative in gynecological diseases and painful diseases, especially in the painful diseases of the movement system.

The ancient city of Antandros: Adramytteion (Burhaniye-Ören) – Assos (Behramkale) on the road in terms of military strategically located in the city, BC. Although it is thought that it was founded in the 10th century, it is possible that Antandros, which was located very close to Assos, dates back to the 2nd millennium BC.

Yazören Cave The ceiling height of the cave is 25 meters in total. The flow of water inside the cave changes in certain periods. This usually happens in winter and spring. The stalagmites of the stalactites are really worth a visit

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