15 – Places to visit in Burdur

South West of Turkey, Burdur, Antalya, Isparta, Izmir, Denizli and Muğla provinces between. Lake is the center of the region. The plate code is 15 and the phone code is 0.248 . In terms of natural beauty and cultural wealth belonging to this period in Burdur, which is an important city of the West Mediterranean region 50 near the mound and tumulus with 25 ‘skin there are lot more ruins and ancient urban settlements. Although it is located on the Mediterranean Coast winters are cold and rainy , summers are hot and dry and has a climate.

Gölhisar: Summer temperatures are not as high as the Mediterranean climate, and winter temperatures are not as low as the continental climate.

Historic city of Sagalassos: Sagalassos in southwestern Turkey, Burdur is located in Ağlasun. The first human traces in the future Sagalassos region date back to 10 000 BC. The most influential figure in the history of Sagalassos is probably Augustus, the first emperor of Rome.

Archeology Museum : Burdur Museum is the museum where more than 57 thousand archaeological and ethnographic works are exhibited. It was opened to visitors in 1969. Every year since 1986, the museum organizes a caricature contest on the relation of Antiquities-Museum-Human. The Award Ceremony takes place on May 18th, which is the Museum Day. The Award Ceremony takes place on May 18th, which is the Museum Day.

Insuyu Cave: The cave has been hosting local and foreign tourists since 1966. The cave has a length of 597 meters and most of it can be visited. There are also lakes and streams.

Salda Lake: Burdur’s Yeşilova district, 4 km from the town center. away from the presence of magnesium, soda and clay in the composition of lake water causes beneficial results in the treatment of some skin diseases.

Stone Room Mansion Ethnography Museum:  One of the examples of Ottoman civil architecture dating from the 17th century. It was built by Emin Bey from Kınalı Tribe. Restoration work was started in 1978 by the Ministry of Culture and was completed in 1988. The building has two floors. The first floor was built of stone, the second floor was made of mudbrick and wood.

Burdur Clock Tower: Burdur is located in the city center. This tower was built by the governor of Konya in 1830. But the earthquake that occurred in 1914 was destroyed. Later, it was rebuilt in 1936-1937 by Hacı Ali Emir Bey. It is about 35 meters high. At the bottom of the tower uses as a shop. At the top of the tower was placed 4 hours in each corner. It is located to the north of the Grand Mosque.

SUSUZ Caravanserai : Making 13. century Susuz Han is located in the village of Bucak Susuz village and takes its name from this village. The plan, which has a rectangular shape close to the square, belongs to the Anatolian Seljuk period. It has five naves and its middle nave is high. There is a dome in the middle and the western side of the inn, which has a plug-shaped entrance door, the door jambs of the door jambs of different geometric patterns are dazzling.

Kremna Antique City: It is located in Çamlık Village, 25 km away from Bucak district center. The ancient city is located on a hill surrounded by cliffs and dominates the Aksu Valley. because of its interesting location, it was named as Kremna which means “cliff.. Founded by the Pisidians, the ancient city was the most brilliant period of AD. He lived in the 2nd century. The basilica (courtroom9, library, church and acropolis) has survived to the present day from the ancient city of Kremna.

Birdwatching House : A peaceful place. If you go in time, it was frequented by large birds in the form of flocks. You can capture beautiful photos.

Stone Room Mansion: One of the best examples of Ottoman architecture dating from the 17th century. You can also have a breakfast for breakfast while you’re gone

Museum of Natural History: The museum, which was created by repairing and displaying the Kavaklı Greek Church building, exhibits the skeleton of a giant southern elephant and the remains of prehistoric creatures that were discovered during the fossil excavations in Elmacık Village of Kemer District of Burdur

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