16 – Places to visit in Bursa

Besides natural beauty thriving industry, technology, and with an equal level to increase industrial and commercial center growing population with the world’s advanced countries, Turkey’s 4th largest city, world famous silk, towels, textiles, İznik, Bursa knife, chestnuts, peach, kebab, Uludag, healing thermal waters and baths, is a brand city with tourism values.

Bursa ‘s importance in our country is at the top of the list. Especially if you have not heard of Uludağ. Summer and winter serving Uludağ ski scholarship with the holiday we can say to our favorite city.

Bursa City Museum : Built in 1926 as a courthouse, the building was opened in 2004 as a Bursa City Museum.

Bursa Orhangazi Mosque: If you are planning a beautiful holiday to witness the history and natural beauties of Bursa, we recommend that you prepare your trip list in advance. Bursa Ulu Mosque, Emir Sultan Mosque, Green Mosque, Bursa City Museum are among the points you can include in your list.

Zafer Plaza: alı Zafer diğer, which is one of the famous meeting points of Bursalı; It is an underground shopping mall with 3 buildings connected underground. It is also rumored that the aliens went down in history as the only pyramid that they did not.

Bursa Ulu Mosque : Ulu Mosque is one of the most visited places in Bursa. You can stay in hotels and pensions around Bursa Ulu Mosque, where you will be impressed by its exterior architecture as well as its interior architecture.

Hunkar Pavilion : One of the buildings that shed light on the history of the city is the Hunkar Pavilion. The building, which was built as a hunting lodge during the reign of Abdulmecid, is also known as the Atatürk Mansion and the Republic Mansion. The reason for being called Atatürk Pavilion is that Atatürk stayed in this mansion during his Bursa tour.

Cumhuriyet Street: Located in the middle of the most central places of Bursa such as Ulucamii, Grand Bazaar, Altıparmak, Cumhuriyet Street has gained its old historical identity with its nostalgic tram. It is also home to the most beautiful places of Pideli Köfte, one of the most famous dishes of Bursa after Alexander.

Saitabat waterfall: Saitabat Waterfall , 21 kilometers away from Bursa is one of the most visible places. If you stay in one of the hotels or hostels near Saitabat Waterfall, you can easily visit the beauty of nature and the mysterious areas of history.

Tirilye: Tirilye , which was used as campus by Misyaliler , Thracians, Ancient Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans respectively; with its preserved historical monuments, streets and especially olives is one of the places to visit. We don’t know if he gets his name from traveling around tiril tiril, but in the heat of the summer, the effeminate imbecile blowing is a panacea.

Irgandı Bridge: It is one of the four bazaar bridges in the world which are only examples of Florence, Venice and Lovech in Bulgaria. With its traditional handicraft shops, the bridge is also important for tea and coffee.

Uluabat Lake: Ulubat Lake has a beautiful legend. While you spend your time in an impressive atmosphere, you will definitely be impressed by its clean air, natural beauties and magnificent appearance.

Suuçtu Waterfall: 18 km from Mustafakemalpaşa district of Bursa province. The waterfall, which meets the drinking water needs of the district, is one of the natural beauties of the districts of Bursa.

Uludag Ski Center: the Uludag Ski Center among the most important point in terms of Turkey’s winter tourism is quite close to the city center. Uludağ Ski Center, which has an area of ​​11.333 hectares, is one of the most preferred regions for winter holidays. Uludağ Ski Center, which attracts the attention of domestic and foreign tourists, is the center of winter tourism.

Tophane: Tophane, which is one of the most beautiful places in Bursa, is a kind of homage with the tombs of Osman Gazi and Orhan Gazi at the entrance. The number of Bursalı who do not open their fast without hearing the sound of Tophane, which is the place where Ramadan cannon shots are heard from all over Bursa, is still not less.

Green Tomb: Although its name is Green, it has the most beautiful Turquoise tone in the world and is regarded as one of the rarest works of İznik Tile art. Yeşil’li name of the neighborhood that is located in the tomb of the Green, as the location of the old Bursa is here

Oylat Valley: Bursa-İnegöl is part Oylat Valley . It is the motherland of peace with its green nature, unique air and stream. Oylat Valley is also a long discovery point. With a beauty from every corner winks to the guests. The vegetation consists of hornbeam, pine, sycamore, oak and linden trees. The waterfall and cave inside will drag you into a fantastic world.

İNEGÖL Forest: one of Turkey’s most green space and also the most peaceful, nature is a wonderful place where you can be nested inegöl Forests. Although İnegöl Forests, which are located in Bursa, are hidden in silence, the number of visitors is quite high. You can reserve a place in this wonderful nature by staying in one of the hotels near Inegol Forests during your Bursa holiday. Each side is surrounded by trees, all sides are covered with fresh air…

Nikaia Antique City: The ancient city of Nikaia, which is an important commercial city in ancient times, took its name from the wife of Lysimakho. It lived its golden age during the 2000 years when it was connected to the Kingdom of Btyhnia

Imperial Gate: Bursa ‘s historic district and located in the Armory door that served the Ottoman Imperial Gate entrance to Bursa, Bursa mystical aura of the place must have been the most wonderful feeling. With the mehter anthems and light shows that play every Friday, it’s not hard to feel the master of 3 continents.

Koza Khan: Koza Khan transforms even a cup of tea with its historical texture into a peaceful place. It is one of the unique places that Bursali people visit when they go to the market.

Alaaddin Bey Bath: The Metropolitan Municipality, which carries out intensive work in every area from 2300 years old Bitinya city walls to 600 years old Ottoman monuments, Republican period buildings and 8500 years old archeological sites in order to make Bursa a living historical city and open-air museum, is worth a lot more to the city. Built by Alaaddin Ali Bey, the grandson of Molla Fenari about 520 years ago, the historical hammam, which was used as a tobacco warehouse for a period after seeing the fires and being repaired again and again, was completely abandoned to its fate since 1985, with its original architecture during the day and night lighting system. It has become the most privileged place of Yıldırım.

Cumalıkızık Village:  Cumalıkızık is one of our charming villages which has preserved its authentic texture well. If you are wondering what it is like to live in a village in the Ottoman Empire, Cumalıkızık is the right address ..

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