17 – Places to visit in Çanakkale

Canakkale Turkey is a kind of spiritual heart. Martyrdom and shrines are from Turkey and is a province visited anywhere in the world. Don’t look at what I say if your path falls in the title. definitely go and visit the cemeteries of the martyrs. If you plan to go, it is best to have a guided tour of your first trip. you can see both what you don’t know and what you don’t see.

Kaz Mountains : Did you know that after Alper, it produces the most oxygen? The Kaz Mountains are the highest mountain of the Biga peninsula in the northwest of the Anatolian peninsula.

Assos Ancient City : one of the ancient cities that managed to stay until today. History of the ancient city of Assos, which hosted the famous philosopher Aristotle on his land while witnessing the history, was founded in the 2nd century BC. It goes back to the 6th century. The ancient city, which was established directly across the island of Lesbos, descends to the sea and the stairs in the form of terraces.

Çimpe Castle : It was taken in 1356 during the period of 1, Orhan Bey. Most historians and historical sources, Orhan Bey ‘s son Suleyman Pasha ‘s Edirne ‘ s results in the surrounding Bulgarian and Serbian forces to help disrupt the Byzantine castle is indicated as a gift.

Çanakkale Martyrs ‘Monument : This monument, known as the Çanakkale Martyrs’ Monument, ascends to the sky on Hisarlık Hill in front of Morto Bay at the tip of the Dardanelles onthe Gallipoli Peninsulawithin the boundaries of the province. Çanakkale Martyrs Memorial; Theremembrance of what happened in this geography during World War I in 1915 wasmade to keep the heroes of this epic forever.

Troy Antique City : Located near the village of Tevfikiye and known today as “Hisarlık Tr Troy, Homer BC BC. It has taken its place in the world of science as an important settlement center which is the subject of the famous Iliad and Odysseia epic of the 9th century. In this context, the excavations of Troy are accepted as one of the leading archaeological works.

Çanakkale Naval Museum : The Çanakkale Naval Museum, located in the city center of Çanakkale, is a military museum built in 1915 to inform the land and sea war of the Çanakkale front, which was written with a great epic.

Clock Tower : Located in the heart of the city, Çanakkale Clock Toweris a building built in 1896 and is 20 meters high and attracts attention with its aesthetic architecture. At the top of this five-storey tower with a dial clock is a fountain.

Aynalı Çarşı mirrored Bazaar : One of the best known places in Çanakkale. The bazaar built by Eliyau Hallio in 1890 is also known as Halyo Bazaar. It is known as ‘Aynalı Çarşı’ because of the mirrors at the entrance of the bazaar which has inscriptions in Ottoman and Ladino language. Bombed and damaged during the Çanakkale War, the building was also the subject of the famous folk song of Çanakkale due to the painful events. The Mirrored Bazaar, which was restored in 1967 by Sadi Fenercigil, the Mayor of the time, took its present form.

Kilitbahir Castle : It was built in 1452 by the Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror in the village of Kilitbahir in order to prevent the Papal Navy from assisting the Byzantine Empire during the siege of Istanbul.

Çanakkale Martyrs’ Memorial : It was founded in honor of 500,000 soldiers who lost their lives in Gallipoli, also known as Canakkale. In 1915, the commander of the Turkish army, Mustafa Kemal, launched a successful campaign to remove allied forces from the region. The park has monuments, cemeteries, natural beauties of Arı Cape and Tuz Gölü (Tuz Gölü) The beauty of the green hills, beaches and blue waters is an honorable place for the brave fighters and dead soldiers. Historical war. You cannot touch the heart of the Turkish nation with the patriotic spirit of the homeland.

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