22 – Places to visit in Edirne

Edirne, Turkey to Europe either on the connecting road. The climate is continental and the winters are long and cold, while the summers are hot and dry. Meriç, Arda and Tunca rivers meet on the plain.

Places to visit in Edirne include 612 historical monuments reflecting Ottoman Turkish art throughout the province.

Edirne southern districts Keşan and Enez; Sea, beaches and natural beauties are the places that people visit frequently. Things to see in Edirne without waiting any longer.

Justice Pavilion:  Palace in Edirne Palace. The only building in the palace. It is in the Sarayiçi district where Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling is organized. It was added to Edirne Palace during the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent. It is said that Kanuni had his laws written here.

SukruPasa Memorial
 : SukruPasa Memorial and Balkan War Museum: The memorial museum is a complex built in memory of the martyrs and the Balkan War of 26 March 1913. Şükrü Pasha, who defended Edirne in the absence of the Şükrü Pasha monument during the war, was brought to Kıyık Tabya, one of the defensive places of Edirne, and a monument was built in his memory.

Together with the monument, a museum consisting of the belongings of the people of Edirne and the Balkan Wars was created in the bastion.

Sweti George Bulgarian Church : It was built in 1880 in the Kiyik District of Edirne. The church was decorated in 1889 and written in Slavic bulgarian. There are some paintings from the church which were previously in the same place. Popularly known as the Bulgarian Church.

Edirne Urban Forest : (İzzet Arseven Recreation Facility) is an important element of the city’s green area system. The size of the forest area is 29.6 ha. The City Forest is located on the Edirne-Karaağaç highway, 2 km away from the city center and on the banks of the Meriç River.

Synagogue : Edirne Great Synagogue, Edirne, Europe’s largest and the world’s third largest synagogue in the worship.

Selimiye Mosque : Selimiye Mosque in Edirne, the Ottoman sultan II. The mosque was built by Selim Architect Sinan. The Selimiye Mosque, built by Sinan at the age of 90 and called as im my masterpiece ”, is one of the most important works of both Mimar Sinan and Ottoman architecture.

Sarayiçi Balkan War Martyrdom : Sarayiçi Balkan War Martyrdom in Edirne is one of the tourist spots that come to the city during the year.

It was built in memory of 300 thousand soldiers defending their homeland during the Balkan War of 1912-1913 and also for the memory of 20 thousand soldiers who died in Sarajevo in 1913, left hungry and dehydrated. In 1939, the Balkan Martyrs’ Monument was built for martyrdom. If you’re visiting Edirne, we recommend visiting Sarayici Balkan War Martyrdom.

Kırkpınar Private Square : The Turkish nation has been known as a warrior nation throughout its thousands of years of history and on the lands they established. At the beginning of the preparations made by the Turkish army in preparation for war, sports and wrestling are the most important ones. The origin of Turkish wrestling dates back to the period when the Hun Empire was founded.

Wrestling, which appeared as ucak Karakucak de in those times, began to be organized as oil wrestling without losing its essence and spirit with the transition of the Ottoman Empire to Rumelia and became a tradition that has been maintained until today.

Rüstem Pasha Caravanserai : The Grand Vizier of Suleiman the Magnificent, Rüstem Pasha, had the Architect Sinan. It is one of the interesting examples of classical Ottoman architecture and one of the magnificent buildings of the Kanuni period. The courtyard is in the plan of inns. Two-storey rooms are placed around the rectangular courtyard. The faces of the floors facing the courtyard have porticoes.

Behind the porticoes are rooms with stoves and niches. On the long sides, there are staircases that go up against each other. The brick ornament on the upper floor windows and door arches is interesting. The walls built of cut stones and bricks give the building a monumental appearance.

The Rustem Pasha Caravanserai was restored in 1972 and turned into a hotel.

Dolmens of Lalapaşa : Dolmen is a prehistoric structure consisting of large flat stones placed horizontally on top of them with several large flat stones lined up side by side spaced side by side and thought to be used as a grave.

Karaağaç Railway Station : It is one of the four guards designed by the architect Kemalettin Bey on behalf of Şark Railways Company. Other stations; Plovdiv Station, Thessaloniki Station and Sofia Station.

Hıdırlık Bastion : Among the bastions defending Edirne in the Balkan War, Hıdırlık Bastion was used as the headquarters of Şükrü Pasha, the defender of Edirne. The most magnificent and the largest of the Edirne bastions, which touched the defense of the city, is the Hidirlik Bastion.

Beyazıd Bridge : II. The bridge was built by Architect Hayrettin during the Beyazit period (in 1488) and has 6 eyes and a length of 115.82 meters and a width of 5.70 m. The bridge located on the Tunca River in Edirne city; It connects Beyazıt Complex with the city.

Üç Şerefeli Mosque : Between 1443-1447, Sultan Murat II had it built. The mosque is located between the early and classical style in Ottoman art. This is a first-time plan. 24 m. diameter of the central dome, two of the pillars, four of the wall post is sitting on six abutments. On the sides there are square sections covered with two smaller domes. The structure, as a novelty, is a transverse rectangular structure.

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