23 – Places to visit in Elazığ

Although the history of Elazığ as a settlement is new, the history of the region is quite old.

For this reason, we should consider the history of Elazığ with the history of Harput.

Elazığ , historical monuments, natural beauties, highly developed transportation, communication facilities, health centers, Keban Dam, which is among the important dams of our country, the Caspian Lake, the wonder of nature Buzluk Cave, the shrines of importance for religious tourism, spas suitable for health and spa tourism and its rich folklore, Turkey’s Anatolia East can contribute to the growing tourism sector is one of the largest cities.

Üryan Baba Tomb : Üryan Baba Tomb 6 km from Seyitgazi District Center. in the village of Yazdere. It has a square plan and covered with a dome. The tomb and its imaret were built in 1511-1517 during the Ottoman Period.

Üç Lüleli Çeşme : It is located on the left side of the entrance in Harput. It is near the Aga Mosque. The fountain made of cut stone is of the iwan type. The iwan arch is round, with moon-star on it and palmette motifs on the edges. According to the inscription was built in 1324 (1906).

Ulu Mosque : The mosque is located in the district of Harput and is one of the oldest Turkish mosques in Anatolia. The mosque was repaired in 1899, 1905 and 1996. The mosque, which is still open for worship, consists of three parts: the inner courtyard, the last community place and the inner mosque. The walls are made of rubble stone dome arches and minarets. It has two gates.

Sori Waterfall : It is located in the town of receivables of Elazig. Water density increases with the melting of snow in the spring

Virgin Mary Church : It is located to the east of Harput Castle. Since the rock wall of the castle constitutes the western wall, the church seems to be buried in the rocks of the castle. It is also known as the Church of the Virgin Mary, the Red Church, the Syriac Church and the Yakubi Church, one of the oldest shrines in Anatolia. It is believed that the building, thought to have been built in 179 AD, was first used by pagans in the fortress for hiding idols, and later the Yakubi Christians turned the church into a church.

Mansur Baba Mausoleum : According to the legend, a large sarcophagus was excavated in the presence of Beyzade master, one of the spiritual elders of Harput, upon the dream of a woman named Şahende. Meşihat (Şeyhülislamlık) was informed by telegraph and a tomb was built upon the response and the tomb was named as Mansur Baba.

Keban Dam Lake : It is located in the Keban District of Elazığ. Keban Dam is 125 km long and 675 m2 in volume of 30.1 billion m3 and 635 m3 / s average daily flow is the case with Turkey’s second largest artificial lake.

Kazım Efendi Mausoleum : The tomb has a domed and this dome is placed on 5 columns which are open between them. The grave section, which is directly under the dome, is connected to the dome by the arches formed between the columns. on a circular base.

Hoca Hasan Hammam : It is one of the classical Ottoman type baths in Harput that has survived until today. It consists of dressing, warming and bathing places. There are two entrance doors. Although it is plain in the west, it is remarkable that the eastern gate is domed. The dressing area is square and covered with a dome.

Completely demolished, the warmth is replaced by the bathing place. The bathing place consists of large domes with four iwans and domed halves at the corners. It is located to the west of the Kursunlu Mosque.

Hazar Lake : Located in the southeast of our city and 26km from the city center. Hazar Lake, which is parallel to Elazığ-Diyarbakır Road, is a tectonic lake. The lake, which is located to the south of Hazarbaba Mountain, is separated from Uluova by Mastar Mountains.

1,250 mt from the sea. The length of the lake is approximately 22 km. the widest part is 5-6 km. The surface of the lake is 86 km2 and the depth is 200-250 meters. ranged between. The Caspian Lake is used for tourism and economy.

Hazarbaba Mountain : 34 Hazarbaba Ski Center yapılan, which is located on the Hazarbaba Mountain which is at the height of 2,347 meters in the south of our district, provides service with skiing track, chairlift and cafeteria facilities. 1100 m chairlift and mechanical installations comply with the standards

Harput Castle : There are various legends about Harput Castle. According to a rumor, it was said that milk was used instead of water in the preparation of the mortar during the construction of the fortress, so it was called “Milk Castle“.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism carried out important restoration works on the northwest and east walls of the castle.

Golan Hot Springs : It is 18 km away from Karakocan District of Elazig. The district has natural beauties rich in tourism. Golan Hot Springs, which is located next to the Peri Stream in the village of Noktaagac in the west of the district, attracts thousands of visitors every year.

According to the report of the Refik Saydam Central Hygiene Institute, it is stated that these spas are good for the treatment of rheumatism, neuritis, poly-neuritis, fracture-dislocation, gynecological diseases and skin diseases.

Considering that the Golan Hot Springs and Fairy Water constitute a beautiful landscape, we can see it as a good recreation and resting place. In addition, Karakoçan district is rich in mineral waters.

Buzluk Cave ( CLOSED ) In 1990, the natural structure of the cave was preserved and landing steps and illumination of the cave was made easier to visit by domestic and foreign tourists.

Since the underground air flow is present in the cave, it is warm in winters and cold in summers. During the hot summer months, ice is formed in this cave. In ancient times, local people brought and sold the ice they brought out of this cave to Harput in June-July-August and they made money.

Belek Gazi Monument : It belongs to Belek Gazi, the son of Behram Bey, the grandson of Artuk Bey, one of the commanders of Sultan Alparslan. It was built in 1964 by sculptor Nurettin ORHAN

Çirçir Waterfall : The second largest artificial lake in the country is a Keban Dam, a water that develops east and southeast through the three districts. In addition to energy production, fish production and fishing are also carried out so that I can tell you what you enjoy with this trout.

Especially, there is also the Gin Waterfall. Stretch your feet to enjoy the sky blue among the yellowed grass in autumn, enjoy the sun in the middle of the insatiable green in spring. The non-verbal melodies of the gin insects that inhabited the region in the ears. 

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