24 – Places to visit in Erzincan

Located on the historical silk road route, the city remained under Hittite, Urartian, Median, Persian, Hellenistic, Roman domination, and after the victory of Malazgirt, it was under Turkish and Ottoman rule. Erzincan is a tourism paradise with its cultural richness, natural beauties, geography, cuisine and shopping opportunities .

Erzincan is on the first degree earthquake zone. After the 1939 earthquake, the city center was rebuilt in its current location. Erzincan’s economy is based on agriculture. 70% of the active population works in the agricultural sector. The financial and industrial sector is in development. Livestock is the biggest source of income after agriculture.

Hidir Abdal Sultan Tomb : Ocak Village, which is connected to Kemaliye district of Erzincan, has an important place in terms of tourism. The tomb of Hıdır Abdal Sultan in the village attracts a lot of attention every year. Ocak Village is 40 kilometers away from the town center. Hıdır Abdal Sultan, known to have been influenced by Hacı Bektaş Veli, established a lodge at the site of the tomb.

The lodge has a history of 700 years. Hıdır Abdal Sultan established the throne in the hearts of the people for his services. Hidir Abdal Tomb is located in the vicinity. If you are planning to go to Erzincan, you should visit the tomb.

Mama Hatun Caravanserai : It is estimated that the caravanserai was built in the 12th century. There is a historic hammam right next to the caravanserai. Mamahatun Caravanserai in Tercan is 92 kilometers away from Erzincana.

Mama Hatun Tomb : too many historical mosques in Turkey, the presence of the tomb church and also enabled the development of religious tourism. Religious places in our country attract the attention of foreign tourists as well as domestic tourists.

Abrenk Church : This is one of the most robust Armenian monasteries in Anatolia, but it is not known. The Armenian Monastery of Surp Davit (Abrank) is located on the Vank Mountain near the village of Üçpınar in Tercan.

On the hill above the monastery is a chapel surrounded by walls, and a little away from it there are three stalagmites, both standing and one toppled.

Otlukbeli Lake : Otlukbeli Lake, which offers a unique view to the geography of Erzincan, is located in the district of the same name. The lake is only 6 kilometers from the town center. It is an ideal spot for both exploration and photography.

It is one of the lakes of Traversten and has a depth of 15-18 meters. The area is 6500 square meters. The lake has been declared a natural monument.

Girlevik Waterfall : The water of the Girlevik Waterfall boils from nine cliffs in the Kalecik Village and reaches the waterfall through a stream bed. The height of the waterfall is 30-40 m. It is in three stages consisting of stone unique to the region.

Beytahtı Recreation Place : Beytahtı, which is appealing to the eyes with all its beauty on the banks of the Karasu River, is the center of attention of the travelers and is the most preferred recreation place especially by the people in summer months. Located on the 6th kilometer of the Karah road, Beytahtı Recreation Place has cold water springs.

This spot is abundant in green, offers the opportunity to have a picnic around the small lake. The first place that comes to mind for those who want to stay alone with nature in Erzincan is Beytahtı Promenade Place, 15 kilometers away from the city center.

Kadıgölü Park : Kadıgölü is one of the places to visit with its cold water springs and all shades of green. There are trout breeding facilities around the lake.

Gülabibey Mosque : Kemah district, which is one of the historical smelling districts of Erzincan. If you fall one day, we recommend that you include Gülabibey Mosque in your visit to Kemah. Gülabibey Mosque was built in 1454 by Emir Gülabibey. The mosque has three inscriptions.

One of the inscriptions belongs to the period of construction, and one belongs to the period of repair. The last inscription is related to the mosque, the mosque was brought from another place. The architecture of Gülabibey Mosque has a square plan. Rubble and cut stone were used during the construction. One of the historical buildings of the city, the mosque is visited by tourists who come to Erzincan-Kemah during the year

Erzincan Museum : Ocak Village is about 40 km from Kemaliye District. away from the village is a modern and exemplary. The village of Ocak was once known as the h Sheikh Village h. Those who are sincerely devoted to the spiritual world of the founder of the village use the name ı Hıdır Abdal Sultan Ocağı genelde instead of the name of Ocak Village.

The “Hıdır Abdal Sultan Tomb bulunan in the village gives this village a spiritual importance. This tomb and its complex is a good example of the social and cultural development of the village.

Erzincan Castle (Kemah) : The foundation of Kemah Castle, one of the oldest and natural castles of Anatolia, dates back to the Hittite-Urartian period. The castle, built on steep rocks, has two intertwined structures and is surrounded by walls.

Dark Canyon : Canyon at Erzincan Kemaliye district when one of Turkey’s largest canyon. There are base jump, canoeing and rafting activities in the canyon.

Altıntepe : Altıntepe is an old settlement that has been home to Urartian, Byzantine and Ottoman civilizations within the borders of Üzümlü district of Erzincan. Archaeological excavations are still continuing in the settlement established during the Urartian period.

Seven Lakes : Seven Lakes located at the summit of the Keşiş Mountains between Erzincan and Çayırlı are among the attractions of local and foreign tourists who will come to the region.

Located near the Esence Hill at an altitude of 3 thousand 500 meters, the Seven Lakes are among the most preferred places for mountaineers to camp in the region.

Terzibab Mosque : the mosque under a dome that may have most people in Turkey .. 7000 a total of 4000 people full capacity under a dome person ..

In the Terzibaba Mosque, which was built with everything in mind, for example, the carpets are made of yellow dots on a blue background, so the windows are positioned so that they can see the imposing mountains just opposite.

Munzur Mountains : Munz our country in the mountains of Eastern Anatolia Region Tunceli is located on the north side of Erzincan, Tunceli, namely in the province. It is known as Munzur Mountains or Coral Range, it is located in Upper Euphrates region, it is accepted as extension of Taurus Mountains, it has calcareous and toothed mass structure.

Aygır Lake : 114 km away from Erzincan, 1126 km2 surface area Çayırlı district’s population is 9,602 according to the 2014 census. Formerly known as Mans, the date of establishment of the district is unknown. After the Battle of 1071 Malaggirt, Mengücekoğulları’nın, Anatolian Seljuks and the Ilkhanids came under the rule of the region, joined the Ottoman territory in 1401’de.

For a while it passed into the hands of Timu and the Akkoyunlu State. In 1473 he joined the Ottomans. Having been occupied by the Russian forces in 1916, Çayırlı escaped the occupation in February 1918. It became a district in 1954 while it was a parish district of Tercan.

Sakaltutan Ski Center : The meeting point of local and foreign tourists Sakaltutan Ski Center is the biggest factor in the revival of winter tourism in Erzincan. Sakaltutan Ski Resort is 44 km from the city center.

Erkan Ski : Erkan Ski Resort with Turkey’s longest ski slopes with different degrees of difficulty. The Ergan ski resort is close to the airport and among the preferred centers.

The airport is 12 minutes away. There is a new technology chairlift system that can carry 450 people at the same time

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