26 – Places to visit in Eskişehir

I guess we don’t know that Eskisehir is a university city. Besides, it is a city that gives its right to the historical meaning.

Pessinus Antique City: Pessinus is under the settlement of Ballıhisar Village, 16km south of Eskişehir Sivrihisar District. It is a city dedicated to the mother goddess Kybele.

This place became famous in the ancient sources as the holy city of the Phrygian head goddess called Matar Dindymene, Mâgna Mater and Agdistis Dindymene.

Zaimağa Mansion: A meeting was held in Zaimağa Mansion in 1922 with the participation of Mustafa Kemal and İsmet Pasha. Important decisions are taken at the meeting.

At the same time, the first Council of Ministers held outside Ankara meets in this mansion. During the War of Independence, Mustafa Kemal lived in Zaimağa Mansion for a while.

Midas Monument: The monument in Yazılıkaya village of Han district, 80 km away from Eskişehir. The monument is intertwined with Yazılıkaya village. Because of the monument, the region is called Midas City or Midas City.

Küllüoba Mound: If you are planning to travel to Eskisehir, we recommend that you include Küllüoba Mound, which is one of the historical sites of the city, in the places you will visit.

You can easily visit the mound by staying in one of the hotels near the Küllüoba Mound.

Sakarılıca Hot Springs: Sakarılıca Hot Springs, which dominates the green nature, is located in Mihalgazi district of Eskişehir. You can have an unforgettable holiday by staying in one of Sakarılıca thermal hotels.

Sakarılıca Hot Springs, where you can relax in the thermal waters and have fun with new discoveries; rheumatism, stomach, fracture-dislocation, nutrition disorders and gynecological diseases. If you complain about one of these ailments, Sakarılıca Hot Springs will heal you.

Sazova Park : You should visit Sazova Park for the days when you are on holiday in Eskişehir. Not only do you have a nice trip to your child, but you can also travel to your own childhood even if you have a few hours.

There are many hotels near Sazova Park and you can choose to stay in one of the hotels close to the park.

Porsuk Stream : You will feel yourself in Venice gondolas by participating in gondola tours in Eskişehir Porsuk Stream, which has a different appeal especially in spring and summer months. The symbol of Eskişehir, the tea is 448 meters long and is the longest branch of the Sakarya River.

At this point you will feel yourself in a different country and you will be able to tour the gondolas as well as boats in the tea that divides the city in two. Porsuk Creek is the center of attention not only for domestic tourists but also for foreign tourists.

Kentpark Eskisehir:  Eskisehir, Turkey Urban Park project in a city with no sea has earned the privilege of having the beach. Turkey’s first artificial beach in the private sphere formed in part of the city overlooking the Badger Creek Park was built.

Equipped with real sea sand, the beach allows the people of the city to enjoy the sea, especially in the summer months. The artificial beach is 350 meters long and there are two outdoor swimming pools, one for children.

Eskişehir Selale Park : Due to its size, it has the title of the biggest waterfall in Eskisehir. The park also includes recreation areas, children’s parking areas, jogging trails.

Waterfalls Park, which was put into service by Odunpazarı Municipality in 2009, is one of the important green areas of Eskişehir. At the same time, Selale Park has a view of Eskisehir from a high point.

Eskişehir Underwater World:  There are more than 2100 fish in the aquarium with many different sections. The sharks and piranhas in the Underwater World of Eskişehir, where you will have the opportunity to see a limited number of fish species in the world, attract the attention of children in particular.

There are also cafeterias and souvenir shops for visitors within the Underwater World of Eskisehir.

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