27 – Places to visit in Gaziantep

I should point out places to visit in Gaziantep before sorting that Turkey is one of the most populous province is one of our favorite places as tourism. So and the condition of the economy is also good. There are too many running waters.

We do not hear that Antep is famous for its Baklava. In addition to these, Pistachio , Urmu Mulberry Sherbet, Cinnamon Tea, Menengiç Hakvesi, Olive Pazarı, Onion Pazazı, Iron Dessert, Çir Melting, Şirin Tarhanası, can be counted many things.

Ardıl (Köklüce) Canyon : Friends This is Ardıl (Köklüce) Canyon , which has been formed by the carving of soft limestone rocks of Ardıl Creek in the village of Köklüce in Araban. Tourists from many provinces and even from foreign countries come and mountaineering here. The water is ice cold and clean. It has natural pools to swim

Bayazhan Restaurant : If you came to Antep with your loved ones, you can dine in this restaurant. Delicious food and rare and famous places in Antep.

Zeugma Mosaic Museum : The Zeugma Mosaic Museum; Opened in Gaziantep on September 9, 2011, it is the largest mosaic museum in the world with its 1700 square meter mosaic.

Rumkale : One of the most beautiful places of Antep. This natural wonder will give you a perfect day. Boat Tours are available, so you can make your trip.

Zincirli Bedesten : Bedesten used to be the pulse of shopping life, covered in the shopping, thin, long, covered bazaar. You can buy Antep souvenirs from the bazaar to remind yourself of that day.

Gaziantep Castle : You can take pictures of the castle in the wide diameter of the museum you can visit

Dülük Tombs : 11 km from Gaziantep. north of Dülük village and its environs have witnessed all the houses of the history of mankind and have traces them to the present day. It is almost like an open air museum with stone tools used by people who lived 30 to 40 thousand years ago, Heritage underground temple, magnificent rock tombs, quarries where huge blocks of stone were extracted.

Gaziantep Zoo : Gaziantep Zoo is definitely one of the top places we need to visit. Inside is very large and you will have the opportunity to see all kinds of living things. In addition, the zoo is established in the forest and has a very natural structure.

Kurtuluş Mosque : Kurtuluş Mosque , which was built around 1892, was built as a church and later converted into a mosque.

Yesemek Open Air Museum : One of the places we should definitely visit. 110 km from Gaziantep. Stone quarry and sculpture workshop dating from the Hittite period in 2000s. It is a peaceful place with its nature and its creek passing in front of it where many valuable works have been smuggled abroad.

Besides, the statues that the Hittites couldn’t finish making are still waiting for you to see them outdoors.

Botanic Garden : If you love nature, especially if you want to take a light walk and soak up the beautiful scents of plants, this is the place for you. Imagine a landscape like a colorful, chirping picture. Children swing pasture Enjoy.

Dülükbaba Recreation Area : The ancient city of Dülük is one of the oldest settlements in the world. The largest of the Mitras Temples built in the world known underground was found in Dülük. There are also numerous chamber-cut tombs and churches. One of the grave paintings is above.

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