28 – Places to visit in Giresun

Giresun Karadeniz hosting the most beautiful places of the region, drew the attention of our precious city with green and nature.

It is inevitable that you will get to know the people’s approach and accent and enjoy the conversation. there are also special tastes and local dishes.

In terms of tourism , Giresun is home to places you will be worth visiting and seeing. If you are in Giresun one day, if you want to have an idea of ​​where to visit, you can check out the places we recommend .

Görele – Fog Mountain : As the name shows, all the mountains are covered with fog. The fog mountain where you can witness a magnificent view, If your path falls to Görele is one of the top places you should visit ..

Kümbet Plateau : Kümbet plateau is a place where you can have a picnic and play with your children or friends. You should definitely breathe the air and drink your tea with the peace of view. And if you hit the ball with our cow, we’re not interfering.

Paşakonağı Plateau : This region, which is the center of attention for both domestic and foreign tourists, is usually visited for day trips. Because there is no facility you can stay in the plateau.

Gölyanı Plateau : You should definitely visit Gölyanı Plateau. Why? Because there is a small and cute lake on this plateau. It is one of the most popular places where tourists visit. We strongly recommend you to see it.

Giresun Island : Giresun Island, one of the two islands of the Black Sea Region, is one of the important tourism regions. Giresun Island has many ruins, towers, monasteries and terracotta barrels. Of course it is possible to join the tours and visit.

Giresun Castle : You can visit the castle during your visit to Giresun and witness the ruins that have survived. We preferred to show the view of the castle. You must have understood why.

Tirebolu Castle : The biggest factor that balances the tourism flow of the city is the Tirebolu castle. Built on a large rock, the Castle offers its visitors a spectacular view.

Giresun Museum (Gogora) : The Giresun Museum contains many artifacts from the Bronze Age, Hittites, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods. Giresun Museum, where you will see weapons, clothes, stone reliefs, money samples and many other historical pieces, is located in Sokakbaşı in the central district.

Gogora Church , which is one of the 18th century works of Giresun in history , remained functional until 1923, after which it remained empty for a while and was used as a prison between 1948-1967. The church was organized as a museum in 1988

Karagöl Mountains and Plateau : There are many obas with the Karagöl Mountains, the second highest mountain of Giresun. The Aygır Lake, which is a glacial lake just below the 3107-meter Karagöl hill and Elmalı, Bozat Taşı and İnboynu ‘baları, is located in the region close to the Ordu province border to the northwest of the mountain.

To the east, Karagöl Lake, which is the largest lake in the mountains and in the valley descending towards Aksu village, there is Lake Bağşak.

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