29 – Places to visit in Gümüşhane

Bayburt is located to the east of Gumushane in the Eastern Black Sea Region, Giresun to the west , Trabzon to the north and Erzincan to the south . Zigana Mountains and the southern parts of Trabzon Mountains form the northern part of its mountainous and rugged terrain.

Gumushane is very rich in terms of places to visit and historical places. We sort it like this.

Satala (Sadak) Antique City : It is located within the boundaries of Kelkit Sadak Village. It is 28 km to the town center and 99 km to the city center. The ancient city, which is an archaeological site, can be reached after driving about 10 km at the intersection left on the main tour route of Erzincan.

Transportation It is 28 km to the town center and 99 km to the city center. After going about 10 km to the left junction on the main tour route of Erzincan, the Ancient City is reached.

Limni Lake : It is not possible to look at this beautiful view and not to admire it, don’t you think? You can link the reasons why every inch of our country is valuable.

Boyunyurt Plateau : As it is known, when the Black Sea Region is mentioned, everyone comes to mind immediately greenery and peace. You must go to pedestrians to see them. Boyunyurt Plateau in Gümüşhane is a unique place for greenery and tranquility. You can come here with your loved ones and have a great time. There are also various activities here during the summer months.

Santa Ruins : The settlement, which was founded by the Greeks in the 17th century, is known to have been used as a refuge for Greek gangs.

Today, the archaeological and natural site of Santa, Binatli, Tailor, Zurnacili, Pishtovlu, Ishanli, Chinganli, consists of seven neighborhoods, including more than three hundred houses. In the city, there are single-storey houses, each of which is built entirely of stone, there is at least one church in each neighborhood and a fountain in every street. Due to its natural location, the settlement is very rich with its historical and cultural assets.

Transportation 72 km from the city center. The main tour route in the direction of the central district Arzular Bolu Koslad Mountain by following the road to the village after passing the Stone Bridge Plateau, and then to Santa is reached.

Chromium Valley : Since it was located on an important transition zone since ancient times and being among the important centers of the period such as İmera and Horse mackerel, Chromium Valley has become a permanent attraction center. It is rumored that the Chromium Valley was home to thousands of people centuries ago due to its rich mineral resources.

Tohumoğlu Bridge : Gümüşhane bridges are the construction of the Ottoman Empire Period. In Gümüşhane, which is located on the historical Silk Road route, where there are plenty of streams and creek beds, we often come across bridges that connect the past to the present day.

Kov Castle : Castle, Central District Esenyurt (Kov) is within the village boundaries. 21 km from the city center on the Gümüşhane – Erzincan State Highway, in the direction of Dağteke Village, the castle is reached by a 6 km stabilized road.

It is also thought that there is an ancient city in this region. The castle and its vicinity are the ‘Archaeological Site’. Kov Castle is the most magnificent castle in Eastern Black Sea Region.

Karaca Cave : Karaca Cave, which revives the tourism of Gumushane, is located within the borders of Torul district. The cave will be very close to you when you reach the Karaca neighborhood, where it bears the same name.

Imera Monastery : The settlement, which is an archaeological site, can be reached from the direction of Ilıdere Village from the Ikisu Village, Karaca Cave. The monastery is one of the most solid works that has survived to the present day. The inscription states that it was built in 1350. The monastery was built on a large area on the upper ridge of the village.

The chapel and some structures of the rectangular structure have survived to the present day. Surrounded by walls, the monastery has undergone many repairs. In the immediate vicinity of the monastery, there are dwelling buildings where monks stay. It is known that the Imera Monastery was an important religious center during its activity.

Kurdun Dam : As the wishes of the camelas around the Kurdish dam reservoir, they can both have a picnic and watch the dam reservoir.

There is a farm for trout production in the Kurun Dam reservoir. In addition, fishing from the lake with freshwater fish can be kept. For the time being, the trout facility, which is the only one where the people coming around the dam can eat and relax, is open all year round.

Zigana Ski Center: The Zigana ski center of Gumushane is established between 2000 and 2500 meters and has wide slopes. Zigana, which can be said as a plateau with an altitude of 2032, can be shown as a place of choice for many holidaymakers and athletes with these options. Usually the snow itself here begins in November and lasts until April. Surrounded by forests, the ski resort of Zigana can attract a considerable number of visitors every year. Zigana is known as approximately 64 km from Gümüşhane.

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