30 – Places to visit in Hakkari

In the southeast corner of Turkey deep and long Zap Valley, board the southern slope of Hakkari, surrounded by four sides of the mountains of Anatolia, Mesopotamia and located in Iran triangle attracted the attention of many in the community to its geographical position and has been the homeland of many nations.

Lake Seyithan : Seyithan Lake in Berçelan Plateau is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Hakkari.

Meydan Madrasa : Hakkari is located in the central harvesting neighborhood. It is still standing after the restoration in 1984 by the General Directorate of Foundations. It is understood that it was built on H.1112.M.1700-1701 on the inscription at the entrance gate of the madrasah.

Although it is not mentioned in the inscription, it may have been made by İbrahim Bey, the son of İzzet, who was the ruler of the Hakkari government.

Semdilli Stone Bridge : Hakkari is 12 km from Semdinli district center and 4 km from the River Village. away from the inscription of the Stone Bridge on the Semdinli Stream could not survive. However, it is learned from the local sources that it was built by Seyyit Mehmet Sıddık who built the Kelat Palace on the River. According to this, the bridge was probably built towards the end of the XIXth century.

Cilo Bozlar : Cilo-Sat Mountains, where 4 seasons live together and 3,500-year-old Glacier Mountain. There are ice caves.

Ore Falls , located on the border of Hakkari province , is worth a visit. Local people flock to this waterfall in summer. Cool air, cold water, greenery and people are fascinated with the view.

During the summer months, many people flock to the surrounding provinces and districts. You can come here and sit in the coolness of the waterfall and have a picnic.

Mergan Valley : This valley also calls for people with its cold water, cool air and greenery. In the spring season, the local people come to the Mergan plateau for animal husbandry. Here they spend spring, summer and autumn. Walking around here is quite enjoyable.

Fairy chimneys : The fairy chimneys in Yavuzlar village known as Hakkari Cappadocia, Hakkari cotton castle, Hakkari city center and the last antique finds.

Hakkari Ski Resort : He came from Hakkari province in Eastern Anatolia Region in a serious step towards being a tourism for 12 months . The Hakkari Governorate built the 2700-altitude Merga Butan Plateau and opened the Ski House, which offers people the opportunity to ski with their families in the winter .

Citizens from the first day of skiing with their families also enjoyed skiing. The Ski House, built at a cost of 1 million TL, was opened with an enthusiastic ceremony.

The Ski House Project, funded by the Hakkâri Tourism Restoration Project, presented to the Eastern Anatolia Development Agency (DAKA) in 2014 on the Merga Butan Plateau at an altitude of 2800, 12 kilometers from the city center of Hakkari, was opened in an entertaining way with halay.

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