31 – Places to visit in Hatay

Hatay is an active city in terms of tourism and its most popular district is Antakya.

What makes the Antakya region attractive and has been open to migrations throughout its history, is the climatic conditions and fertile soils that make life easier, as well as the roads connecting Anatolia to Syria and Palestine via Çukurova . In addition, the most suitable ports that can be used to get out of Mesopotamia to the Mediterranean are in this region.

ADALI – Islander Mansion : The young French architect Jaques de La Boucherie builds a mansion for the noble Tortue family of Paris. Meanwhile, Marie Therese, the daughter of the family, falls in love with Charlotte at first sight and the love is answered. After the outbreak of the First World War, Boucherie came to Antakya with the rank of captain and the French armies. Antakya gives numerous architectural works. This mansion, which he built for the Adalı family after the death of his lover, is the same as the one he built for the Tortue family.

Palladium Shopping Center : If you need shopping, you can visit the Palladium Shopping Center in Antakya and see your needs.

Samandag Beach :The length of Samandag Beach reaches 16 kilometers. Not only the locals but also tourists who come to the city are preferred by the coast, but also very suitable for surfing. If you bring your stuff with you, you can surf as much as you want.

Bakras Castle is a Hellenistic castle located in Ötençay village of Belen district of Hatay. 27 km of Antakya-Iskenderun motorway. is located in.

Beşikli Cave : Located 100 meters from the sea side entrance of the Titus Tunnel, Beşikli Cave is one of the largest and most famous rock tombs. There are 12 graves in sections. The tombs are separated from each other by walls.

Titus Tunnel : This magnificent tunnel in Samandağ, BC. In 300, the port was built by drilling the mountain in case of flooding. Through this tunnel the direction of the flood, which is 7 meters in height and 6 meters in width, has been changed.

Harbiye Waterfalls : left quite an impression on those who saw Harbiye Falls Laurel is flowing out of the Koruluğu. It’s the most frequented place for tourists. In the facilities established in Harbiye, where the water flowing from the waterfall decreases, you can find cool and beautiful places where you can sit in the water.

Antakya Park : Located on the banks of the Asi River, the park is the largest park in the city. There are many plants, especially the Laurel Tree, the symbol of the city. The opening of the park II. Abdulhamid is estimated to coincide with the period. It is known that the French made significant contributions to the park.

Monastery of St. Simon : The monastery between Antakya and Samandağ was built in the 6th century AD. The ruins of the monastery are on a hill of 479 meters.

Batıayaz Plateau : The plateau located in Teknepınar in Samandağ district is among the places visited by those who want to come to the city and have long walks and picnic in nature.

Harbiye Waterfalls : Harbiye Waterfalls in the town of Defne are a must-see place when you go to Antakya. There are beautiful waterfalls in Harbiye

Aktepe Historical Turkmen Cemetery : The inscriptions and tombstones in a Turkmen cemetery dating back to the 13th century (1200 BC) are the oldest tombstones in Hatay, but the largest number of tombstones.

Saint Pierre Church : One of the first churches of Christianity. Pierre (St. Peter) Church In 1963 Pope VI. It was declared a place of pilgrimage by Paul. The ceremony is held here on 29 June each year. The first cave church in the world is considered to be the first church before Christianity was divided into sects as Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant.

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