33 – Places to visit in Mersin

Mersin, a port city,has many unique and famous things, especially Tantuni . I think if you fall to Mersin, don’t go back without eating Tantuni.

It is one of the most beautiful places in our city which is also active in terms of tourism. Recently, the number of people who want to spend their holidays in myrtle is increasing. If you have such a plan, take a look at the list we have prepared for you.

Köşekbükü Cave : Köşekbükü Cave is located in Anamur, Mersin. Köşekbükü Cave, which is within the borders of Ovabaşı Village, is both a touristic sightseeing area and the number of visitors is increasing day by day in terms of health.

The cave is known to be good for asthma . You can easily visit this 20.000 year old cave by staying in one of the hotels near Kosekbuku Cave during your Mersin holiday.

Anamur Stream : You can enter the ice-cold water at the promenade of Dibek on the Dragon Stream, you can fish, you can eat trout in the restaurants there, even if you can not hold.

Mamure Castle : Mamure Castle in southern Turkey, a medieval castle dating back longshore Mersin’s Anamur district. Restaurant works have been started and it will serve its visitors in a short time.

Ilisu Waterfall : It has a high flow water and it is poured from 70 meters height and creates an amazing image. Ilısu Waterfall, located in the district of Gülnar in Mersin , also escapes from the sweltering heat of summer and brings those who enjoy it in cool weather.

There is one more thing that this landscape is immortalized by every visitor in the photo frames. Just hearing the sounds of the waters will suffice your soul to rest; but not content with it, you will find yourself curiously starting to explore the environment.

Yerköprü Waterfall : Located in Mut-Gülnar-Ermenek Triangle, Yerköprü Waterfall is a wonder of nature, 5 km from Mut-Ermenek route. After Going Up To The Waterfall.

Located in the depths of the Taurus Mountains and within the framework of the National Parks Law Natural Monument Covered in the Rare Beauty Waterfall, It almost resembles a hidden paradise.

Zeyne Mausoleum : The Zeyne Mausoleum, which is located in a large garden, is located in the town of Zeyne in the district of Mut in Mersin. If you are traveling to Mersin by private car, you can easily visit both the Tomb of Zeyne and the Mosque of Hazrat Mikdat and the Donuktaş Monument

Dagpazari Church : Dagpazari Church is visited by tourists coming to Mersin for vacation. If you wish, you can include this church in your holiday. The church attracts the attention of history lovers

Akçakıl Bay : If you are looking for simplicity instead of luxury, silence instead of a lively nightlife, you can plan a holiday to Akçakıl Bay.

Akçalık Bay, which is a relaxing area with its peace and calmness, is located in Mersin-Taşucu. This natural beauty within the borders of Silifke is only 12 kilometers away from the town center. Taşucu is located at a distance of 3 kilometers.

Olba Ancient City : Mersin with its historical ruins, natural beauties and historical ruins is one of the most preferred holiday and sightseeing areas. If you are considering a trip to Mersin, you should first create a list of Mersin’s attractions.

Your trip list; You can add Silifke Castle, Gözne Castle, Limonlu Stream, Anamur Stream, Mamure Castle, Mezgit Castle, Uzuncaburç Ruins and Ilısu Waterfall.

Anemurium Antique City : The British Colonel Francis Beaufor, known in the Mediterranean during the 19th century discoveries, the city in 1960 by the University of Toronto, Canada, Elisabeth Alfoldi Rosenbaum surveys were initiated.

Afterwards, Prof. from the University of British Colombia in Canada. The excavation and restoration work led by James Russel was terminated in 1998.

Uzuncaburc Ruins : Located in the beautiful city of Mersin in Turkey from each other. With its history, nature and flavors gösteren There are many places to visit during your Mersin trip that shows all the beautiful faces to its guests.

Mezgit Kale : Mezgit Castle, located in Türkmenuşağı Village of Mersin Silifke, is not a castle but a monumental tomb of a King known as Fearless King.

The Mezgit Castle, which you will add to your Silifke trip list, is known as the castle because it comes to the present day as a castle.

Lemon Tea : It comes from the combination of Aksifat and Eldilek streams. You can start an unforgettable journey by staying in one of the hotels or pensions around the Limonlu Stream hidden in Mersin-Erdemli.

There are facilities where you can eat and listen to nature in Limonlu Stream during your trip. The length of the tea reaches 130 kilometers. You can easily reach Limonlu Stream, which shows itself in a magnificent area in nature, from Uzuncaburç direction and from Kızılgeçit Village.

Yanisli Cave : Do not return to Mersin without resting in the cave before entering the water

The cave of the Seven Sleepers : Young people believe in one God, but the ruler of his time worships idols. After hearing the faith of the youth, the ruler calls the youth and tells them to give up their beliefs.

Young people do not accept this and do not give up their beliefs despite the ruler. Then the young people, who realize that the sovereign will harm them, decide to leave their society.

Kanlıdivane : One of the historical areas of Mersin, Kanlıdivane is an ancient city. An interesting ancient city, Kanlıdivane is a city of Olba kingdom.

During your holiday in Mersin-Erdemli you may choose to stay in one of the hotels or hostels near Kanlıdivane. This way you can easily visit this ancient city and have the opportunity to visit other natural and historical sites.

Kayacı Valley : Kayacı Valley has a tranquil atmosphere that rests its guests with its unique view bu This natural beauty in Erdemli district of Mersin reveals all the glory of Limonlu Stream and is also a part of the city’s rich geography.

Tarsus Waterfall : Tarsus Waterfall, located in Mersin-Tarsus, is a promenade place. Stay in one of the hotels or hostels near Tarsus Waterfall, an attractive place for complete relaxation and nature.

As you witness the beauties waiting to be discovered around you, you will feel that you are dominating the nature. In this promenade area, you can have a great time alone or with your loved ones.

Belenkeşlik Castle (Maiden’s Castle) : Mersin not only includes its natural beauties, but also its castles, mosques, churches and all other historical ruins.

If you have holiday plans in Mersin, we recommend you to visit Belenkeşlik Castle which is among the solid structures of the city. Belenkeşlik Castle is located in Soğucak Plateau, 20 kilometers from the city center. Cut stone blocks were used during the construction and have a rectangular architecture.

Hz. Mikdat Mosque : The only mosque that is famous for its 6 minarets is known as the Blue Mosque most of the time. But there are two more mosques with 6 minarets. One is in Adana and the other is in Mersin.

Heaven and Hell Caves : Heaven and Hell Caves or Heaven and Hell Potholes are very deep caves, which are formed by natural ways, attracting historical and touristic interest near Silifke – Narlıkuyu. It is called as Heaven’s Pit and Hell’s Pit.

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