37 – Places to visit in Kastamonu

Kastamonu, just like Antalya , is one of the places where the sea and the forest meet in the most magnificent way. Therefore, the most beautiful places to visit in Kastamonu are mostly nature getaways and Küre Mountains is headed. In the Küre Mountains, you feel the majesty of nature so that water is sprinkled in you, and it is not too late. We did not meet, but we heard a lot of bear, pig and fox stories from the villagers. There are also places to visit in the city center, but it is not as impressive as its nature.

We have discussed the region to visit in Kastamonu more easily in order to plan your trip more easily. Küre Mountains and Gideros Bay are definitely 2 places on your list. The rest is up to you.

When should he go to Kastamonu?
In October, Küre Mountains are colorfully decorated and very eye-catching. It is too late to swim, but if you ask us, watching the Black Sea coast is more enjoyable than swimming. In October, the beaches have been emptied and they are left alone with their beauty.

Valla Canyon This is the Valla Canyon in Küre Mountains, one of the deepest canyons in the world. Since it is a dangerous transition, you can only switch with permission, professional guide and special equipment. Otherwise it is forbidden. For this, a certain experience is needed. There is a wooden viewing terrace overlooking the Canyon of Valla. The view from here is wonderful

Horma Canyon, which is the beginning of Ilıca Waterfall, is more enjoyable and less dangerous than Valla Canyon. Because a walking track has been created up to a certain point. When it was completed until the end, it would be connected to Ilıca Waterfall by walking. When you raise your head while walking on the hiking trail, you encounter enormous visuals.

Ilıca Waterfall ; The Ilıca Waterfall, which is the beginning of the Horna Canyon, is one of the rare waterfalls with plenty of space to swim. There are also Pınaroba Facilities in this region, where there is a beautiful camping area and bungalow houses. According to what we heard from Yoklar at Home, it was great to set up a tent on the big land at the exit of the canyon in the summer and enter the ice water of the Ilıca Waterfall in the early morning.

Gideros Bay Cide is the most beautiful corner of the entire Black Sea coast, with its coast stretching for kilometers, magnificent bays such as Gideros, Aydos, Denizkonak, Uğurlu, Çayyaka, Akbayır and İlyasbey. Gideros Bay is also the peak of the beauty of this strip. It is known that the first settlements in Gideros Bay, dating back to the 15th century BC, were founded by the Amazons, a group of women warriors. While coming here, do not return without having to write a yellow headscarf or anchovy pans at the restaurants by the coast, whose headscarf, which is also the home of Cide, has been the subject of the novels of our famous literary artist Rıfat Ilgaz.

Kastamonu Castle, built by the Komnenos in the 12th century AD, is located on one of the highest points of the city, on a rock mass. There are cisterns, dungeons, escape tunnels and a tomb named “Bayraklı Sultan” inside. If you are looking for a panoramic city view, this is the right address.

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