38 – Places to visit in Kayseri

If Kayseri is the first time to go, if you don’t think of anything other than pastrami-sausage and Erciyes Ski Center when you say Kayseri, let yourself go. We created a travel program that you can easily do on your own, planned from morning to evening, covering the most important places to visit in Kayseri, with pears, cooked pears and my mouth.

Peace of mind; our trip is not from a tour that gives narcos such as paso historical places. Filling forty in a spoon also includes the ravioli, halis mulis, pastrami with pastrami and a lot of spicy sausage, as well as places to see in Kayseri.

We will say that; In these two days, you will see the places that should be seen in the center of Kayseri, taste the things you need to taste, as well as see the house where Mimar Sinan was born and Ağırnas, 40 minutes away from the center, and you will not experience any program stress.

If we talk about Kayseri a bit; Established on a flat area between Erciyes and Ali Dağ, the city has been one of the cradles of civilization throughout history. Traces of human life in the region go back 5000 years ago. Hittite, Roman and Byzantine all passed through this land and became the second important city of Anatolian Seljuk State after Konya.

He was born in Kayseri, the chief architect of Kanuni, Selim II and Murat III periods. In the stone architecture that lived here before the exchange, the master Armenians and Greeks have a significant role in the genius of Mimar Sinan.

KAŞIK-LA You came to Kayseri in the morning by plane and landed at Erkilet Airport. If you do not count the breakfast from the beans (or not) on the plane as breakfast, but take the opportunity that the airport is only 15 minutes away from the city center, make Kaşık-La the first stop to start the day with a Kayseri-style breakfast . This is one of the best dining places in Kayseri, which has opened its branches to Istanbul and Ankara in recent years. No spreading breakfast in average 30 TL per person. We had breakfast, but the thing that Kaşık-La is the most assertive is Kayseri ravioli.

The spreading breakfast includes 3 kinds of cheese (cheddar, white, overalls), butter, tahini molasses, honey, jam, olives, tomato-cucumber, halva, salami, katmer, cake, pie and sausage egg. Everything is fine, but the strange thing is that cream and bacon are going into the extra. After all, when Kayseri arrives, people expect to see the sausage in a separate area and the egg with bacon


Talas, on the outskirts of Mount Ali, the neighbor of Mount Erciyes, is the region where Armenians, Greeks and Turks lived together until the deportation and exchange periods. It is a place like the movie set where the houses of the Armenians, who are masters in stone workmanship, the mosques and the mosques from the church are dense, and many of them are turned into sweet cafes.

If you can bring this region to a time when the weather is nice, you will enjoy it at maximum. Because when the season turns to autumn, Kayseri’s cold is a bit of a pleasure, but if the weather is nice, stop by this cute neighborhood and have a coffee.

Talas is not exactly in the center of Kayseri, but a district of Kayseri, 8 kilometers and 15 minutes away. For this reason, it is a good idea to come here first, when you have not yet moved to the center after the airport, because there is so much to see in the center that you don’t want it to boil in between.

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