40 – Places to visit in Kırşehir

Kırşehir , which is located in the center of Central Anatolia, is an ancient city that dates back to the Hittites period. The dominant natural texture of Central Anatolia continues in the city. For this reason, the city rising in the middle of a very barren land was named Kırşehir.

However, the city also hosts many historical monuments. Kırşehir, which has a very authentic culture, continues many traditions that belong to the Ottoman and Seljuk eras. For this reason, Kırşehir means a little more Ahilik

Ahi Evran Mosque and Tomb

Ahi Evran, which has shaped the spiritual and cultural atmosphere of the Seljuk and the Ottomans, has hosted the developed Ahilik organization. For this reason, Ahi Evran Mosque and Mausoleum should be among the top places to visit in Kirsehir. It is a very simple and beautiful mosque made of cut stone, built in 1482 in the name of Ahi Evran, the founder of the Ahilik organization, which knit the spiritual atmosphere and cultural infrastructure of Kırşehir . The Mausoleum of Ahi Evran, located in the left part of the mosque, is made frequented especially by Muslims.

Cacabey Mosque

In terms of mosques, Cacabey Mosque should be included among the places to visit in Kırşehir. Cacabey Mosque, which served on time as a madrasah, was built in 1270s by Kırşehir Emir, Cibril bin Cacabey. The mosque, where a modest interior décor is located after the arched entrance door, which is extremely high and magnificent, has a unique structure in the Anatolian geography with its cone and spherical columns. In this respect, it is unique in the area of ​​Cacabey Mosque.

Mucur Underground City

Kırşehir, which is home to many historical monuments, is also famous for the underground cities that belong to the Roman period and were built by Christians. Mucur underground city, which is among them, attracts attention with its wide tunnels and corridors.

The underground city, which was established in the 3rd century AD, is a large building with 42 rooms and 8 common benches under the ground and a common place of worship. There are also passages and ventilation systems that dominate each other in the underground city.

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