32 – Places to visit in Isparta

Isparta each year comes between life satisfaction is highest in the first 10 provinces in Turkey. Even champion Isparta 2017’n according to Turkey’s Statistics Institute. There are a lot of criteria in the assessment, but we tweezed two of them as required by our interests: the abundance of natural habitats and proximity to holiday resorts. These two are the two great gospel that we will give to Isparta. 1. You will be full of nature, 2.  Antalya 2, 3 hours away from Fethiye can easily integrate into your holiday plans.

Pisidia Antik Kenti

Kuz Mağarası

Adada Antik Kenti

Karacaören Gölü

Yazılı Kanyon

Eğirdir Gölü

Kovada Gölü

Lavanta Vadisi

Uluborlu Kalesi

Davraz Kayak Merkezi

Antiocheia Antik Kenti

Aya Bayina Kilisesi

31 – Places to visit in Hatay

Hatay is an active city in terms of tourism and its most popular district is Antakya.

What makes the Antakya region attractive and has been open to migrations throughout its history, is the climatic conditions and fertile soils that make life easier, as well as the roads connecting Anatolia to Syria and Palestine via Çukurova . In addition, the most suitable ports that can be used to get out of Mesopotamia to the Mediterranean are in this region.

ADALI – Islander Mansion : The young French architect Jaques de La Boucherie builds a mansion for the noble Tortue family of Paris. Meanwhile, Marie Therese, the daughter of the family, falls in love with Charlotte at first sight and the love is answered. After the outbreak of the First World War, Boucherie came to Antakya with the rank of captain and the French armies. Antakya gives numerous architectural works. This mansion, which he built for the Adalı family after the death of his lover, is the same as the one he built for the Tortue family.

Palladium Shopping Center : If you need shopping, you can visit the Palladium Shopping Center in Antakya and see your needs.

Samandag Beach :The length of Samandag Beach reaches 16 kilometers. Not only the locals but also tourists who come to the city are preferred by the coast, but also very suitable for surfing. If you bring your stuff with you, you can surf as much as you want.

Bakras Castle is a Hellenistic castle located in Ötençay village of Belen district of Hatay. 27 km of Antakya-Iskenderun motorway. is located in.

Beşikli Cave : Located 100 meters from the sea side entrance of the Titus Tunnel, Beşikli Cave is one of the largest and most famous rock tombs. There are 12 graves in sections. The tombs are separated from each other by walls.

Titus Tunnel : This magnificent tunnel in Samandağ, BC. In 300, the port was built by drilling the mountain in case of flooding. Through this tunnel the direction of the flood, which is 7 meters in height and 6 meters in width, has been changed.

Harbiye Waterfalls : left quite an impression on those who saw Harbiye Falls Laurel is flowing out of the Koruluğu. It’s the most frequented place for tourists. In the facilities established in Harbiye, where the water flowing from the waterfall decreases, you can find cool and beautiful places where you can sit in the water.

Antakya Park : Located on the banks of the Asi River, the park is the largest park in the city. There are many plants, especially the Laurel Tree, the symbol of the city. The opening of the park II. Abdulhamid is estimated to coincide with the period. It is known that the French made significant contributions to the park.

Monastery of St. Simon : The monastery between Antakya and Samandağ was built in the 6th century AD. The ruins of the monastery are on a hill of 479 meters.

Batıayaz Plateau : The plateau located in Teknepınar in Samandağ district is among the places visited by those who want to come to the city and have long walks and picnic in nature.

Harbiye Waterfalls : Harbiye Waterfalls in the town of Defne are a must-see place when you go to Antakya. There are beautiful waterfalls in Harbiye

Aktepe Historical Turkmen Cemetery : The inscriptions and tombstones in a Turkmen cemetery dating back to the 13th century (1200 BC) are the oldest tombstones in Hatay, but the largest number of tombstones.

Saint Pierre Church : One of the first churches of Christianity. Pierre (St. Peter) Church In 1963 Pope VI. It was declared a place of pilgrimage by Paul. The ceremony is held here on 29 June each year. The first cave church in the world is considered to be the first church before Christianity was divided into sects as Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant.

30 – Places to visit in Hakkari

In the southeast corner of Turkey deep and long Zap Valley, board the southern slope of Hakkari, surrounded by four sides of the mountains of Anatolia, Mesopotamia and located in Iran triangle attracted the attention of many in the community to its geographical position and has been the homeland of many nations.

Lake Seyithan : Seyithan Lake in Berçelan Plateau is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Hakkari.

Meydan Madrasa : Hakkari is located in the central harvesting neighborhood. It is still standing after the restoration in 1984 by the General Directorate of Foundations. It is understood that it was built on H.1112.M.1700-1701 on the inscription at the entrance gate of the madrasah.

Although it is not mentioned in the inscription, it may have been made by İbrahim Bey, the son of İzzet, who was the ruler of the Hakkari government.

Semdilli Stone Bridge : Hakkari is 12 km from Semdinli district center and 4 km from the River Village. away from the inscription of the Stone Bridge on the Semdinli Stream could not survive. However, it is learned from the local sources that it was built by Seyyit Mehmet Sıddık who built the Kelat Palace on the River. According to this, the bridge was probably built towards the end of the XIXth century.

Cilo Bozlar : Cilo-Sat Mountains, where 4 seasons live together and 3,500-year-old Glacier Mountain. There are ice caves.

Ore Falls , located on the border of Hakkari province , is worth a visit. Local people flock to this waterfall in summer. Cool air, cold water, greenery and people are fascinated with the view.

During the summer months, many people flock to the surrounding provinces and districts. You can come here and sit in the coolness of the waterfall and have a picnic.

Mergan Valley : This valley also calls for people with its cold water, cool air and greenery. In the spring season, the local people come to the Mergan plateau for animal husbandry. Here they spend spring, summer and autumn. Walking around here is quite enjoyable.

Fairy chimneys : The fairy chimneys in Yavuzlar village known as Hakkari Cappadocia, Hakkari cotton castle, Hakkari city center and the last antique finds.

Hakkari Ski Resort : He came from Hakkari province in Eastern Anatolia Region in a serious step towards being a tourism for 12 months . The Hakkari Governorate built the 2700-altitude Merga Butan Plateau and opened the Ski House, which offers people the opportunity to ski with their families in the winter .

Citizens from the first day of skiing with their families also enjoyed skiing. The Ski House, built at a cost of 1 million TL, was opened with an enthusiastic ceremony.

The Ski House Project, funded by the Hakkâri Tourism Restoration Project, presented to the Eastern Anatolia Development Agency (DAKA) in 2014 on the Merga Butan Plateau at an altitude of 2800, 12 kilometers from the city center of Hakkari, was opened in an entertaining way with halay.

29 – Places to visit in Gümüşhane

Bayburt is located to the east of Gumushane in the Eastern Black Sea Region, Giresun to the west , Trabzon to the north and Erzincan to the south . Zigana Mountains and the southern parts of Trabzon Mountains form the northern part of its mountainous and rugged terrain.

Gumushane is very rich in terms of places to visit and historical places. We sort it like this.

Satala (Sadak) Antique City : It is located within the boundaries of Kelkit Sadak Village. It is 28 km to the town center and 99 km to the city center. The ancient city, which is an archaeological site, can be reached after driving about 10 km at the intersection left on the main tour route of Erzincan.

Transportation It is 28 km to the town center and 99 km to the city center. After going about 10 km to the left junction on the main tour route of Erzincan, the Ancient City is reached.

Limni Lake : It is not possible to look at this beautiful view and not to admire it, don’t you think? You can link the reasons why every inch of our country is valuable.

Boyunyurt Plateau : As it is known, when the Black Sea Region is mentioned, everyone comes to mind immediately greenery and peace. You must go to pedestrians to see them. Boyunyurt Plateau in Gümüşhane is a unique place for greenery and tranquility. You can come here with your loved ones and have a great time. There are also various activities here during the summer months.

Santa Ruins : The settlement, which was founded by the Greeks in the 17th century, is known to have been used as a refuge for Greek gangs.

Today, the archaeological and natural site of Santa, Binatli, Tailor, Zurnacili, Pishtovlu, Ishanli, Chinganli, consists of seven neighborhoods, including more than three hundred houses. In the city, there are single-storey houses, each of which is built entirely of stone, there is at least one church in each neighborhood and a fountain in every street. Due to its natural location, the settlement is very rich with its historical and cultural assets.

Transportation 72 km from the city center. The main tour route in the direction of the central district Arzular Bolu Koslad Mountain by following the road to the village after passing the Stone Bridge Plateau, and then to Santa is reached.

Chromium Valley : Since it was located on an important transition zone since ancient times and being among the important centers of the period such as İmera and Horse mackerel, Chromium Valley has become a permanent attraction center. It is rumored that the Chromium Valley was home to thousands of people centuries ago due to its rich mineral resources.

Tohumoğlu Bridge : Gümüşhane bridges are the construction of the Ottoman Empire Period. In Gümüşhane, which is located on the historical Silk Road route, where there are plenty of streams and creek beds, we often come across bridges that connect the past to the present day.

Kov Castle : Castle, Central District Esenyurt (Kov) is within the village boundaries. 21 km from the city center on the Gümüşhane – Erzincan State Highway, in the direction of Dağteke Village, the castle is reached by a 6 km stabilized road.

It is also thought that there is an ancient city in this region. The castle and its vicinity are the ‘Archaeological Site’. Kov Castle is the most magnificent castle in Eastern Black Sea Region.

Karaca Cave : Karaca Cave, which revives the tourism of Gumushane, is located within the borders of Torul district. The cave will be very close to you when you reach the Karaca neighborhood, where it bears the same name.

Imera Monastery : The settlement, which is an archaeological site, can be reached from the direction of Ilıdere Village from the Ikisu Village, Karaca Cave. The monastery is one of the most solid works that has survived to the present day. The inscription states that it was built in 1350. The monastery was built on a large area on the upper ridge of the village.

The chapel and some structures of the rectangular structure have survived to the present day. Surrounded by walls, the monastery has undergone many repairs. In the immediate vicinity of the monastery, there are dwelling buildings where monks stay. It is known that the Imera Monastery was an important religious center during its activity.

Kurdun Dam : As the wishes of the camelas around the Kurdish dam reservoir, they can both have a picnic and watch the dam reservoir.

There is a farm for trout production in the Kurun Dam reservoir. In addition, fishing from the lake with freshwater fish can be kept. For the time being, the trout facility, which is the only one where the people coming around the dam can eat and relax, is open all year round.

Zigana Ski Center: The Zigana ski center of Gumushane is established between 2000 and 2500 meters and has wide slopes. Zigana, which can be said as a plateau with an altitude of 2032, can be shown as a place of choice for many holidaymakers and athletes with these options. Usually the snow itself here begins in November and lasts until April. Surrounded by forests, the ski resort of Zigana can attract a considerable number of visitors every year. Zigana is known as approximately 64 km from Gümüşhane.

28 – Places to visit in Giresun

Giresun Karadeniz hosting the most beautiful places of the region, drew the attention of our precious city with green and nature.

It is inevitable that you will get to know the people’s approach and accent and enjoy the conversation. there are also special tastes and local dishes.

In terms of tourism , Giresun is home to places you will be worth visiting and seeing. If you are in Giresun one day, if you want to have an idea of ​​where to visit, you can check out the places we recommend .

Görele – Fog Mountain : As the name shows, all the mountains are covered with fog. The fog mountain where you can witness a magnificent view, If your path falls to Görele is one of the top places you should visit ..

Kümbet Plateau : Kümbet plateau is a place where you can have a picnic and play with your children or friends. You should definitely breathe the air and drink your tea with the peace of view. And if you hit the ball with our cow, we’re not interfering.

Paşakonağı Plateau : This region, which is the center of attention for both domestic and foreign tourists, is usually visited for day trips. Because there is no facility you can stay in the plateau.

Gölyanı Plateau : You should definitely visit Gölyanı Plateau. Why? Because there is a small and cute lake on this plateau. It is one of the most popular places where tourists visit. We strongly recommend you to see it.

Giresun Island : Giresun Island, one of the two islands of the Black Sea Region, is one of the important tourism regions. Giresun Island has many ruins, towers, monasteries and terracotta barrels. Of course it is possible to join the tours and visit.

Giresun Castle : You can visit the castle during your visit to Giresun and witness the ruins that have survived. We preferred to show the view of the castle. You must have understood why.

Tirebolu Castle : The biggest factor that balances the tourism flow of the city is the Tirebolu castle. Built on a large rock, the Castle offers its visitors a spectacular view.

Giresun Museum (Gogora) : The Giresun Museum contains many artifacts from the Bronze Age, Hittites, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods. Giresun Museum, where you will see weapons, clothes, stone reliefs, money samples and many other historical pieces, is located in Sokakbaşı in the central district.

Gogora Church , which is one of the 18th century works of Giresun in history , remained functional until 1923, after which it remained empty for a while and was used as a prison between 1948-1967. The church was organized as a museum in 1988

Karagöl Mountains and Plateau : There are many obas with the Karagöl Mountains, the second highest mountain of Giresun. The Aygır Lake, which is a glacial lake just below the 3107-meter Karagöl hill and Elmalı, Bozat Taşı and İnboynu ‘baları, is located in the region close to the Ordu province border to the northwest of the mountain.

To the east, Karagöl Lake, which is the largest lake in the mountains and in the valley descending towards Aksu village, there is Lake Bağşak.

27 – Places to visit in Gaziantep

I should point out places to visit in Gaziantep before sorting that Turkey is one of the most populous province is one of our favorite places as tourism. So and the condition of the economy is also good. There are too many running waters.

We do not hear that Antep is famous for its Baklava. In addition to these, Pistachio , Urmu Mulberry Sherbet, Cinnamon Tea, Menengiç Hakvesi, Olive Pazarı, Onion Pazazı, Iron Dessert, Çir Melting, Şirin Tarhanası, can be counted many things.

Ardıl (Köklüce) Canyon : Friends This is Ardıl (Köklüce) Canyon , which has been formed by the carving of soft limestone rocks of Ardıl Creek in the village of Köklüce in Araban. Tourists from many provinces and even from foreign countries come and mountaineering here. The water is ice cold and clean. It has natural pools to swim

Bayazhan Restaurant : If you came to Antep with your loved ones, you can dine in this restaurant. Delicious food and rare and famous places in Antep.

Zeugma Mosaic Museum : The Zeugma Mosaic Museum; Opened in Gaziantep on September 9, 2011, it is the largest mosaic museum in the world with its 1700 square meter mosaic.

Rumkale : One of the most beautiful places of Antep. This natural wonder will give you a perfect day. Boat Tours are available, so you can make your trip.

Zincirli Bedesten : Bedesten used to be the pulse of shopping life, covered in the shopping, thin, long, covered bazaar. You can buy Antep souvenirs from the bazaar to remind yourself of that day.

Gaziantep Castle : You can take pictures of the castle in the wide diameter of the museum you can visit

Dülük Tombs : 11 km from Gaziantep. north of Dülük village and its environs have witnessed all the houses of the history of mankind and have traces them to the present day. It is almost like an open air museum with stone tools used by people who lived 30 to 40 thousand years ago, Heritage underground temple, magnificent rock tombs, quarries where huge blocks of stone were extracted.

Gaziantep Zoo : Gaziantep Zoo is definitely one of the top places we need to visit. Inside is very large and you will have the opportunity to see all kinds of living things. In addition, the zoo is established in the forest and has a very natural structure.

Kurtuluş Mosque : Kurtuluş Mosque , which was built around 1892, was built as a church and later converted into a mosque.

Yesemek Open Air Museum : One of the places we should definitely visit. 110 km from Gaziantep. Stone quarry and sculpture workshop dating from the Hittite period in 2000s. It is a peaceful place with its nature and its creek passing in front of it where many valuable works have been smuggled abroad.

Besides, the statues that the Hittites couldn’t finish making are still waiting for you to see them outdoors.

Botanic Garden : If you love nature, especially if you want to take a light walk and soak up the beautiful scents of plants, this is the place for you. Imagine a landscape like a colorful, chirping picture. Children swing pasture Enjoy.

Dülükbaba Recreation Area : The ancient city of Dülük is one of the oldest settlements in the world. The largest of the Mitras Temples built in the world known underground was found in Dülük. There are also numerous chamber-cut tombs and churches. One of the grave paintings is above.

26 – Places to visit in Eskişehir

I guess we don’t know that Eskisehir is a university city. Besides, it is a city that gives its right to the historical meaning.

Pessinus Antique City: Pessinus is under the settlement of Ballıhisar Village, 16km south of Eskişehir Sivrihisar District. It is a city dedicated to the mother goddess Kybele.

This place became famous in the ancient sources as the holy city of the Phrygian head goddess called Matar Dindymene, Mâgna Mater and Agdistis Dindymene.

Zaimağa Mansion: A meeting was held in Zaimağa Mansion in 1922 with the participation of Mustafa Kemal and İsmet Pasha. Important decisions are taken at the meeting.

At the same time, the first Council of Ministers held outside Ankara meets in this mansion. During the War of Independence, Mustafa Kemal lived in Zaimağa Mansion for a while.

Midas Monument: The monument in Yazılıkaya village of Han district, 80 km away from Eskişehir. The monument is intertwined with Yazılıkaya village. Because of the monument, the region is called Midas City or Midas City.

Küllüoba Mound: If you are planning to travel to Eskisehir, we recommend that you include Küllüoba Mound, which is one of the historical sites of the city, in the places you will visit.

You can easily visit the mound by staying in one of the hotels near the Küllüoba Mound.

Sakarılıca Hot Springs: Sakarılıca Hot Springs, which dominates the green nature, is located in Mihalgazi district of Eskişehir. You can have an unforgettable holiday by staying in one of Sakarılıca thermal hotels.

Sakarılıca Hot Springs, where you can relax in the thermal waters and have fun with new discoveries; rheumatism, stomach, fracture-dislocation, nutrition disorders and gynecological diseases. If you complain about one of these ailments, Sakarılıca Hot Springs will heal you.

Sazova Park : You should visit Sazova Park for the days when you are on holiday in Eskişehir. Not only do you have a nice trip to your child, but you can also travel to your own childhood even if you have a few hours.

There are many hotels near Sazova Park and you can choose to stay in one of the hotels close to the park.

Porsuk Stream : You will feel yourself in Venice gondolas by participating in gondola tours in Eskişehir Porsuk Stream, which has a different appeal especially in spring and summer months. The symbol of Eskişehir, the tea is 448 meters long and is the longest branch of the Sakarya River.

At this point you will feel yourself in a different country and you will be able to tour the gondolas as well as boats in the tea that divides the city in two. Porsuk Creek is the center of attention not only for domestic tourists but also for foreign tourists.

Kentpark Eskisehir:  Eskisehir, Turkey Urban Park project in a city with no sea has earned the privilege of having the beach. Turkey’s first artificial beach in the private sphere formed in part of the city overlooking the Badger Creek Park was built.

Equipped with real sea sand, the beach allows the people of the city to enjoy the sea, especially in the summer months. The artificial beach is 350 meters long and there are two outdoor swimming pools, one for children.

Eskişehir Selale Park : Due to its size, it has the title of the biggest waterfall in Eskisehir. The park also includes recreation areas, children’s parking areas, jogging trails.

Waterfalls Park, which was put into service by Odunpazarı Municipality in 2009, is one of the important green areas of Eskişehir. At the same time, Selale Park has a view of Eskisehir from a high point.

Eskişehir Underwater World:  There are more than 2100 fish in the aquarium with many different sections. The sharks and piranhas in the Underwater World of Eskişehir, where you will have the opportunity to see a limited number of fish species in the world, attract the attention of children in particular.

There are also cafeterias and souvenir shops for visitors within the Underwater World of Eskisehir.

25 – Places to visit in Erzurum

Tourists visiting Erzurum can receive the Oltu stone, the most famous in the region, as a gift for their relatives or friends. The reason why it is a click away from the market is that you know that it is Original in public terms.
When opening our topic titled Places to visit in Erzurum, where we start and where we introduce a lot of options, because there are too many places for the most important places to avoid picking up the others to be angry at us.

Erzurum Archeology Museum : If you have free time, you can find interesting materials to explore without getting bored and it is just one of the places where you can have a nice time.

Yakutiye Madrasah : Yakutiye Madrasah, which attracts the attention of local tourists as well as foreign tourists, is one of the symbols of the city and is used as a museum today.

Narman Fairy Chimneys: Fairy chimneys and the valley where you will admire yourself. nearby you can find accommodation for yourself, you can take a lot of pictures to immortalize the time.

Tortum Waterfall : You can swim in the lake under Tortum Waterfall, you can have a cool summer. Tortum Waterfall, which has a unique view, is visited from many places.

Çoruh Valley : It is a region rich in plant species. There are even three plant species growing in the Coruh Valley. Çoruh Valley is also very suitable for extreme sports. You can engage in activities such as rafting, trekking and mountaineering in the Çoruh Valley.

Palandoken Ski Center : If you are keen on skiing , it is not a lie to say that it is one of the most ideal places for you. Erzurum is one of the most suitable places for you to have fun. You can stay, you can take lessons for kaymak.

Erzurum Castle : Built on a hill of approximately 2000 M. Height The Inner Castle was built by the Roman Emperor Theodosius in the 5th century.

Until recently used as barracks by the Turks. The Masjid Castle and Clock Tower are important in terms of being the first examples of Turkish architecture.

Öşvank Church : It was built between 963-973 by David and Prince Bagralt, sons of Adopesi, the Kuropalat of the Georgian King

Atatürk House : The museum, which was opened to visitors in 1984, is important because Mustafa Kemal Atatürk stayed in this mansion in Erzurum in 1919, where he came for congress

Three Vaults : This vault is made of cut stone and is covered with an octagonal body, high pulley and a flattened cone with a dome and conical mixture.

There are animal reliefs such as bulls, snakes, bats and eagles that resemble the horoscope figures seen in Central Asian calendars in the triangular pediments of the two-color cut stone vault and round arched pulley niches.

The bull horns in one of the niches here are similar to a human head in other places.

Nene Hatun National Park : Nene Hatun, who was the leader of the attack of all men and women for the recapture of Aziziye Bastion which was seized during the 93 War at the age of 20, is located in Erzurum district.

Çobandede Bridge : Çobandede Bridge is one of the historical buildings of Erzurum. It was built between 1297-1298 by Emir Çoban Noyin, the Grand Vizier Salduzlu. The bridge reflecting the Seljuk and İlhanlı styles is located on the Aras River.

24 – Places to visit in Erzincan

Located on the historical silk road route, the city remained under Hittite, Urartian, Median, Persian, Hellenistic, Roman domination, and after the victory of Malazgirt, it was under Turkish and Ottoman rule. Erzincan is a tourism paradise with its cultural richness, natural beauties, geography, cuisine and shopping opportunities .

Erzincan is on the first degree earthquake zone. After the 1939 earthquake, the city center was rebuilt in its current location. Erzincan’s economy is based on agriculture. 70% of the active population works in the agricultural sector. The financial and industrial sector is in development. Livestock is the biggest source of income after agriculture.

Hidir Abdal Sultan Tomb : Ocak Village, which is connected to Kemaliye district of Erzincan, has an important place in terms of tourism. The tomb of Hıdır Abdal Sultan in the village attracts a lot of attention every year. Ocak Village is 40 kilometers away from the town center. Hıdır Abdal Sultan, known to have been influenced by Hacı Bektaş Veli, established a lodge at the site of the tomb.

The lodge has a history of 700 years. Hıdır Abdal Sultan established the throne in the hearts of the people for his services. Hidir Abdal Tomb is located in the vicinity. If you are planning to go to Erzincan, you should visit the tomb.

Mama Hatun Caravanserai : It is estimated that the caravanserai was built in the 12th century. There is a historic hammam right next to the caravanserai. Mamahatun Caravanserai in Tercan is 92 kilometers away from Erzincana.

Mama Hatun Tomb : too many historical mosques in Turkey, the presence of the tomb church and also enabled the development of religious tourism. Religious places in our country attract the attention of foreign tourists as well as domestic tourists.

Abrenk Church : This is one of the most robust Armenian monasteries in Anatolia, but it is not known. The Armenian Monastery of Surp Davit (Abrank) is located on the Vank Mountain near the village of Üçpınar in Tercan.

On the hill above the monastery is a chapel surrounded by walls, and a little away from it there are three stalagmites, both standing and one toppled.

Otlukbeli Lake : Otlukbeli Lake, which offers a unique view to the geography of Erzincan, is located in the district of the same name. The lake is only 6 kilometers from the town center. It is an ideal spot for both exploration and photography.

It is one of the lakes of Traversten and has a depth of 15-18 meters. The area is 6500 square meters. The lake has been declared a natural monument.

Girlevik Waterfall : The water of the Girlevik Waterfall boils from nine cliffs in the Kalecik Village and reaches the waterfall through a stream bed. The height of the waterfall is 30-40 m. It is in three stages consisting of stone unique to the region.

Beytahtı Recreation Place : Beytahtı, which is appealing to the eyes with all its beauty on the banks of the Karasu River, is the center of attention of the travelers and is the most preferred recreation place especially by the people in summer months. Located on the 6th kilometer of the Karah road, Beytahtı Recreation Place has cold water springs.

This spot is abundant in green, offers the opportunity to have a picnic around the small lake. The first place that comes to mind for those who want to stay alone with nature in Erzincan is Beytahtı Promenade Place, 15 kilometers away from the city center.

Kadıgölü Park : Kadıgölü is one of the places to visit with its cold water springs and all shades of green. There are trout breeding facilities around the lake.

Gülabibey Mosque : Kemah district, which is one of the historical smelling districts of Erzincan. If you fall one day, we recommend that you include Gülabibey Mosque in your visit to Kemah. Gülabibey Mosque was built in 1454 by Emir Gülabibey. The mosque has three inscriptions.

One of the inscriptions belongs to the period of construction, and one belongs to the period of repair. The last inscription is related to the mosque, the mosque was brought from another place. The architecture of Gülabibey Mosque has a square plan. Rubble and cut stone were used during the construction. One of the historical buildings of the city, the mosque is visited by tourists who come to Erzincan-Kemah during the year

Erzincan Museum : Ocak Village is about 40 km from Kemaliye District. away from the village is a modern and exemplary. The village of Ocak was once known as the h Sheikh Village h. Those who are sincerely devoted to the spiritual world of the founder of the village use the name ı Hıdır Abdal Sultan Ocağı genelde instead of the name of Ocak Village.

The “Hıdır Abdal Sultan Tomb bulunan in the village gives this village a spiritual importance. This tomb and its complex is a good example of the social and cultural development of the village.

Erzincan Castle (Kemah) : The foundation of Kemah Castle, one of the oldest and natural castles of Anatolia, dates back to the Hittite-Urartian period. The castle, built on steep rocks, has two intertwined structures and is surrounded by walls.

Dark Canyon : Canyon at Erzincan Kemaliye district when one of Turkey’s largest canyon. There are base jump, canoeing and rafting activities in the canyon.

Altıntepe : Altıntepe is an old settlement that has been home to Urartian, Byzantine and Ottoman civilizations within the borders of Üzümlü district of Erzincan. Archaeological excavations are still continuing in the settlement established during the Urartian period.

Seven Lakes : Seven Lakes located at the summit of the Keşiş Mountains between Erzincan and Çayırlı are among the attractions of local and foreign tourists who will come to the region.

Located near the Esence Hill at an altitude of 3 thousand 500 meters, the Seven Lakes are among the most preferred places for mountaineers to camp in the region.

Terzibab Mosque : the mosque under a dome that may have most people in Turkey .. 7000 a total of 4000 people full capacity under a dome person ..

In the Terzibaba Mosque, which was built with everything in mind, for example, the carpets are made of yellow dots on a blue background, so the windows are positioned so that they can see the imposing mountains just opposite.

Munzur Mountains : Munz our country in the mountains of Eastern Anatolia Region Tunceli is located on the north side of Erzincan, Tunceli, namely in the province. It is known as Munzur Mountains or Coral Range, it is located in Upper Euphrates region, it is accepted as extension of Taurus Mountains, it has calcareous and toothed mass structure.

Aygır Lake : 114 km away from Erzincan, 1126 km2 surface area Çayırlı district’s population is 9,602 according to the 2014 census. Formerly known as Mans, the date of establishment of the district is unknown. After the Battle of 1071 Malaggirt, Mengücekoğulları’nın, Anatolian Seljuks and the Ilkhanids came under the rule of the region, joined the Ottoman territory in 1401’de.

For a while it passed into the hands of Timu and the Akkoyunlu State. In 1473 he joined the Ottomans. Having been occupied by the Russian forces in 1916, Çayırlı escaped the occupation in February 1918. It became a district in 1954 while it was a parish district of Tercan.

Sakaltutan Ski Center : The meeting point of local and foreign tourists Sakaltutan Ski Center is the biggest factor in the revival of winter tourism in Erzincan. Sakaltutan Ski Resort is 44 km from the city center.

Erkan Ski : Erkan Ski Resort with Turkey’s longest ski slopes with different degrees of difficulty. The Ergan ski resort is close to the airport and among the preferred centers.

The airport is 12 minutes away. There is a new technology chairlift system that can carry 450 people at the same time

23 – Places to visit in Elazığ

Although the history of Elazığ as a settlement is new, the history of the region is quite old.

For this reason, we should consider the history of Elazığ with the history of Harput.

Elazığ , historical monuments, natural beauties, highly developed transportation, communication facilities, health centers, Keban Dam, which is among the important dams of our country, the Caspian Lake, the wonder of nature Buzluk Cave, the shrines of importance for religious tourism, spas suitable for health and spa tourism and its rich folklore, Turkey’s Anatolia East can contribute to the growing tourism sector is one of the largest cities.

Üryan Baba Tomb : Üryan Baba Tomb 6 km from Seyitgazi District Center. in the village of Yazdere. It has a square plan and covered with a dome. The tomb and its imaret were built in 1511-1517 during the Ottoman Period.

Üç Lüleli Çeşme : It is located on the left side of the entrance in Harput. It is near the Aga Mosque. The fountain made of cut stone is of the iwan type. The iwan arch is round, with moon-star on it and palmette motifs on the edges. According to the inscription was built in 1324 (1906).

Ulu Mosque : The mosque is located in the district of Harput and is one of the oldest Turkish mosques in Anatolia. The mosque was repaired in 1899, 1905 and 1996. The mosque, which is still open for worship, consists of three parts: the inner courtyard, the last community place and the inner mosque. The walls are made of rubble stone dome arches and minarets. It has two gates.

Sori Waterfall : It is located in the town of receivables of Elazig. Water density increases with the melting of snow in the spring

Virgin Mary Church : It is located to the east of Harput Castle. Since the rock wall of the castle constitutes the western wall, the church seems to be buried in the rocks of the castle. It is also known as the Church of the Virgin Mary, the Red Church, the Syriac Church and the Yakubi Church, one of the oldest shrines in Anatolia. It is believed that the building, thought to have been built in 179 AD, was first used by pagans in the fortress for hiding idols, and later the Yakubi Christians turned the church into a church.

Mansur Baba Mausoleum : According to the legend, a large sarcophagus was excavated in the presence of Beyzade master, one of the spiritual elders of Harput, upon the dream of a woman named Şahende. Meşihat (Şeyhülislamlık) was informed by telegraph and a tomb was built upon the response and the tomb was named as Mansur Baba.

Keban Dam Lake : It is located in the Keban District of Elazığ. Keban Dam is 125 km long and 675 m2 in volume of 30.1 billion m3 and 635 m3 / s average daily flow is the case with Turkey’s second largest artificial lake.

Kazım Efendi Mausoleum : The tomb has a domed and this dome is placed on 5 columns which are open between them. The grave section, which is directly under the dome, is connected to the dome by the arches formed between the columns. on a circular base.

Hoca Hasan Hammam : It is one of the classical Ottoman type baths in Harput that has survived until today. It consists of dressing, warming and bathing places. There are two entrance doors. Although it is plain in the west, it is remarkable that the eastern gate is domed. The dressing area is square and covered with a dome.

Completely demolished, the warmth is replaced by the bathing place. The bathing place consists of large domes with four iwans and domed halves at the corners. It is located to the west of the Kursunlu Mosque.

Hazar Lake : Located in the southeast of our city and 26km from the city center. Hazar Lake, which is parallel to Elazığ-Diyarbakır Road, is a tectonic lake. The lake, which is located to the south of Hazarbaba Mountain, is separated from Uluova by Mastar Mountains.

1,250 mt from the sea. The length of the lake is approximately 22 km. the widest part is 5-6 km. The surface of the lake is 86 km2 and the depth is 200-250 meters. ranged between. The Caspian Lake is used for tourism and economy.

Hazarbaba Mountain : 34 Hazarbaba Ski Center yapılan, which is located on the Hazarbaba Mountain which is at the height of 2,347 meters in the south of our district, provides service with skiing track, chairlift and cafeteria facilities. 1100 m chairlift and mechanical installations comply with the standards

Harput Castle : There are various legends about Harput Castle. According to a rumor, it was said that milk was used instead of water in the preparation of the mortar during the construction of the fortress, so it was called “Milk Castle“.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism carried out important restoration works on the northwest and east walls of the castle.

Golan Hot Springs : It is 18 km away from Karakocan District of Elazig. The district has natural beauties rich in tourism. Golan Hot Springs, which is located next to the Peri Stream in the village of Noktaagac in the west of the district, attracts thousands of visitors every year.

According to the report of the Refik Saydam Central Hygiene Institute, it is stated that these spas are good for the treatment of rheumatism, neuritis, poly-neuritis, fracture-dislocation, gynecological diseases and skin diseases.

Considering that the Golan Hot Springs and Fairy Water constitute a beautiful landscape, we can see it as a good recreation and resting place. In addition, Karakoçan district is rich in mineral waters.

Buzluk Cave ( CLOSED ) In 1990, the natural structure of the cave was preserved and landing steps and illumination of the cave was made easier to visit by domestic and foreign tourists.

Since the underground air flow is present in the cave, it is warm in winters and cold in summers. During the hot summer months, ice is formed in this cave. In ancient times, local people brought and sold the ice they brought out of this cave to Harput in June-July-August and they made money.

Belek Gazi Monument : It belongs to Belek Gazi, the son of Behram Bey, the grandson of Artuk Bey, one of the commanders of Sultan Alparslan. It was built in 1964 by sculptor Nurettin ORHAN

Çirçir Waterfall : The second largest artificial lake in the country is a Keban Dam, a water that develops east and southeast through the three districts. In addition to energy production, fish production and fishing are also carried out so that I can tell you what you enjoy with this trout.

Especially, there is also the Gin Waterfall. Stretch your feet to enjoy the sky blue among the yellowed grass in autumn, enjoy the sun in the middle of the insatiable green in spring. The non-verbal melodies of the gin insects that inhabited the region in the ears.