12 – Places to visit in Bingöl

Bingöl is one of the cities offering university education.

According to Evliya Çelebi this name was given by Alexander the Great. Rumor has it that Alexander the Great cannot find cure for the unbearable pains in his body, even though he applies many doctors. Then Ab-Ul Hayat ( immortal life ) begins to search for water. After long searches, even if he is not the source, he drinks water and gets rid of unbearable pain. He sees the benefits of this water ” Maqdis language ” meaning heaven on water Çapakçur give his name. Allah has given to his doctors the pains of heaven that you have not found remedy for. Make a castle in my name here, and she said the name Çapakçur sheep. Later in various sources Mingölas we encounter. Mingöl means the lakes region. The word Mingöl also means a thousand lakes which were pronounced by the people in the form of Bingöl .

Floating : No connection to the land, free of water on the surface of the islands. Today, 22 units are free Yüzena known in Turkey. There are three islands moving in Aksakal Lake hamlet in Hazarşah village of Solhan district of Bingöl province. It was discovered by the people living in that region. The island in question has a natural event that has never been seen before. It is 4.5 Km away from Bingöl-Solhan Highway. The road is stabilized and 1.5 km. Asphalting the road and theimprovement of thelake in the case of domestic and foreign tourists to increase interest.

Çir Waterfall : The creek, which is named after Uzun Dere village, is 100 m. It is a beautiful looking waterfall that passes through the middle of the rock. Water 50 m. height from the bottom of the rocky creek bed falls into a beautiful view

King’s Castle The castle, which is located in Genç district, was built on a hill where Diyarbakır and Konsper Stream meet. This place called Keyneks is in ruins. Rumor has it that Dano the King of Persia built the castle for his daughter.

Buban Chimneys : External forces (wind, stream, etc. ..) is a wonderful natural beauty formed by abrasion and transport. However, many people do not know that this place is not introduced enough, but those who want to go again. I say if you fall here, you must go and visit.

Vank Church : Zağ Caves are located on the 5th kilometer of Gökçeli-Kuşburnu village road, which is separated on the 18th kilometer of Bingöl-Solhan-Muş motorway. Zağ Caves consist of caves / chambers spread over the entire rocky area on the front of the natural rocky mass resting on the mountain.

These caves / rooms are man-made, interconnected with gradual transitions in interior spaces and are multi-storey. It is dated to the Early Christianity (Late Roman-Early Byzantine) Period at the beginning of the 5th century AD. These caves were probably used as the secret settlement, living and worship area of ​​Christian faith communities under the pressure of the Roman Empire.

Kığı Castle : Kiği Castle, located to the southeast of the district center, has a very strong structure. The castle, which is covered with steep cliffs and is quite high, dominates the mountainous region. Reminiscent of the Urartian Fortress in appearance, there are remains of architectural walls that can be dated to the Middle Ages on the upper part of the castle.

Zağ Caves : It is located on the 5th kilometer of Gökçeli-Kuşburnu village road which is separated on the 18th kilometer of Bingöl-Solhan-Muş road in the right direction. Zağ Caves consist of caves / chambers spread over the entire rocky area on the front of the natural rocky mass resting on the mountain.

These caves / rooms are man-made, interconnected with gradual transitions in interior spaces and are multi-storey. It is dated to the Early Christianity (Late Roman-Early Byzantine) Period at the beginning of the 5th century AD. These caves were probably used as the secret settlement, living and worship area of ​​Christian faith communities under the pressure of the Roman Empire.

Ilica Spas and Thermal Springs The thermal springs located in Ilıcalar Town of Bingöl Center are at the 20th kilometer of Bingöl-Erzurum Highway. The hot springs have an important advantage in terms of transportation since they are located on the highway.

According to the analyzes performed in the Spa Pool Water, it is a group of waters with biocarbonate, carbon dioxide and carbon soda, and also contains anions such as chlorine, sulfate and silicate, and iron and aluminum cations. For this reason, Kös Thermal Springs, which are also unique in terms of health tourism, are visited by an average of 8,000 local and 200 foreign visitors annually

Hesarek Ski Center : Hesarek Ski Center, which is located on the outskirts of Haserek Mountain in Dikme village of Bingöl province center, was opened in 2016. Ski resort; With its 1700 meters ski slope, ski lift, ski lift and baby lift, 70 bed capacity hotel and social facilities, it hosts thousands of visitors throughout the year.

Yolaçtı Kurucadağ Ski Center : Yolaçtı Kurucadağ Ski Center, which is approximately 25 km away from Bingöl province center, is a great place to visit. Many people flock here throughout the year. There is a lift with a length of 925 meters and a capacity of 499 people. The runway length is 1000 meters. There are separate runways for beginners and professionals. You can come here with your loved ones in the winter and warm your hearts

Abdulkadir Yellow Recreation Park Öz-Kale Governor Abdulkadir Sarı Recreation and Sports Facilities The facility is located 5 km from the Bingöl-Muş motorway. de (7 kilometers from the city center) Kaleönü neighborhood. It is in the sample fruit and poplar orchard established by the Special Provincial Administration on an area of ​​111.000 m2 between 1985-1986.

The area of ​​Governor Abdulkadir Sari Recreation and Sports Facilities in this garden is approximately 7-8 acres. The facility is open to the public and every kind of food and beverage is sold daily by the detective, and those who go for a picnic can take their own needs and have a picnic

11 – Places to visit in Bilecik

Although it is a small city, it is quite cute and there are places and places to sit and chat.

It is possible to find a hostel or hotel for accommodation . It is obvious that the recruits usually provide a big shot to the center’s crowd on the occasion of the bazaar leave and revive the economy.

In addition, families do not return without visiting the mausoleums. If you have time, visit the Museum in Söğüt. Anyway, without further ado, if your path to Bilecik falls, let’s list some of the places you should visit.

Dursun Fakih Tomb : It is known as the person who read the first sermon on behalf of Osman Bey during the Friday prayers after the conquest of Karacaşehir. This event; It was also confirmed by Aşıkpaşaoğlu, Oruç Bey and Evliya Çelebi. Dursun Fakih, who participated in various battles and preached to the veterans, was the student of Sheikh Edebali, son-in-law and the chimney of Osman Gazi.

Ertuğrul Gazi Tomb : Ertuğrul Gazi, a Yiğit Turkmen Bey, laid the foundations of a great empire that would stand for six centuries with the war legacy he instilled in Osman Bey. After his death, Osman Bey had his father’s tomb built as an open grave in Söğüt district of Bilecik, and later it was turned into a tomb by Mehmet Çelebi I.

Sheikh Edebali Mausoleum : Sheikh Edebali, born in 1206, is an Islamic theologian, scholar, Ahi sheik, father-in-law and teacher of Osman Gazi. Şeyh Edebali, who had lived in the foundation of the Ottoman Empire, is accepted as the spiritual founder and intellectual father of the Ottoman Empire.

Çelebi Mehmet Mosque : It was built between 1414 and 1420 by Sultan Mehmet Çelebi I. It is one of the first examples of Ottoman Architecture Art with domed structures. The mosque has 12 domes and has a rectangular appearance. It was repaired by Abdulhamid and it was expanded during the repair.

District Governor Fountain : Neoclassical fountain located in front of Çelebi Mehmet Mosque in the center of the district. It is an important example of the last period of Ottoman Art built in the late 19th century. In the middle of the three sides of the fountain are sliced ​​vases in the form of vases, relief gilding and motifs on both sides. The surfaces are pointed arches in the form of niches, and inside and above the niche are covered with colored tiles. The fountain has four facades and is made of Kütahya tiles and marble.

Turbine Recreation Area: Bozüyük 7 km away from the center of green, water and oxygen abundant recreation and picnic area. The region is called with this name because of the small amount of electricity produced by the generator from the waterfall on the slope and because of the turbine of this generator. In recent years, due to the increase in demand rather than the promenade that has improved the face of the municipality’s investments, a nearby empty area has been arranged and afforested and included in the promenade.

Söğüt Museum : It is known that it was built as argı winding house tarafından in the early 1900s by the mayor Memiş Aga, although the construction date is not known. It is assumed that the dressing house fulfills a function in the sense of today’s dispensary. There are two round arched doors next to each other on the front facade, and a rectangular rectangular window on both side walls and triangular foreheads

Metristepe Victory Monument: Bozüyük – Eskişehir highway at the end of the road 12 km away from the monument, the İnönü Wars were won and the great leader Atatürk’s İsmet İnönü telegram in the celebration telegram “You have defeated not only the enemy of the nation,” he said Metris. It was built in Tepe for the purpose of keeping the great memories of our martyrs and symbolizes the invincibleness of the Turks.

Inonu Martyrdom: 6 km from Bozuyuk. There are many graves of martyrs in the cemetery surrounded by pine and fir trees, as well as cemetery made of marble. Every year on April 1, An Inonu Martyrs’ Memorial Day ”is held here.

10 – Places to visit in Balıkesir

Tourism and cultural activities can not eat the right of Balikesir. There is a beautiful vegetation and settlements.

Natural beauties and promenade places, museums and historical sites, historical buildings and beaches, and maybe there are multiple places we missed.

Balıkesir Districts

Altieylul, Ayvalik, Balya, Bandirma, Bigadic, Burhaniye, Dursunbey, Edremit, Erdek, Gomec, Gonen, Havran, Ivrindi, Karesi, Kepsut, Manyas, Marmara, Savastepe, Sindirgi, Susurluk, Susurluk

If your path falls here one day or if you plan to use your school preference in Balikesir, we have listed the places you should see as follows.

Kaz Mountains : It is one of the most famous places in Balıkesir. If you are going to create a trip list, your list should be in the first place.

Monastery Beach Manastir Bay is 22 kilometers from Erdek and 43 kilometers from Bandırma. The bay where linden scents are dominant is very suitable for camping with tents and there are hostels in the village. Monastery Bay is a small, charming, green and untouched natural beauty.

Cunda Island: One of the most remarkable islands in our country in terms of places to visit. Although the island’s current name is Alibey Island, it is known as Cunda Island. The name of the island today is taken from Lieutenant Colonel Ali Çetinkaya, the commander of the first contingent who started the armed struggle by failing to obey the order of the sultan to surrender to the Greeks during the War of Independence

Church of Agios Yannis Known as the Agios Yannis Church , this building has been serving as a museum, bookshelf and cafe under the Rahmi Koç Museum since 2007. The church is a small rectangular building made of cut stone and brick and covered with a vault.

Kozak Plateau: It is known that the natural vegetation is peanut pine and Kozak Plateau, which has around 5 million pine trees, has been covered with pine forests since Bergama Kingdom.

Kapidag Peninsula: It is located on the outskirts of Kapidag peninsula, which is a natural wonder surrounded by natural hiking trails where hiking lovers can easily make short and long walks.

Manyas lake:  Water is sweet, crayfish and about 20 fish species live in the lake. The most interesting aspect of the lake is the bird paradise on the north east coast, where about 2-3 million birds come every year.

Hisaralan Spa: Spring waters are classified as sodium bicarbonate thermal waters containing fluoride. Water is fluid in its own form and rises to 172 liters per second. It is used as a sedative in gynecological diseases and painful diseases, especially in the painful diseases of the movement system.

The ancient city of Antandros: Adramytteion (Burhaniye-Ören) – Assos (Behramkale) on the road in terms of military strategically located in the city, BC. Although it is thought that it was founded in the 10th century, it is possible that Antandros, which was located very close to Assos, dates back to the 2nd millennium BC.

Yazören Cave The ceiling height of the cave is 25 meters in total. The flow of water inside the cave changes in certain periods. This usually happens in winter and spring. The stalagmites of the stalactites are really worth a visit

09 – Places to visit in Aydın

One of the first places that come to mind holiday in Turkey is also Aydin. It is one of the most visited provinces of our country for holiday purposes . If you want to enjoy the sun and wander the beaches in summer, Aydin is a good option for you. If you want to visit thoroughly while you are ready, the following list may be useful.

Dilek Peninsula : National park within the borders of Güzelçamlı and 28 km from Kusadasi. away. The Dilek peninsula, which lies between the small meander and the Büyük Menderes, is part of the five hundred million year old meander mass.

Aphrodisias Antique City : Respectful to Kenan Erim: Aphrodisias Antique City-Monumental Entrance Gate in Aydın province. (Tetrapylon) The world-renowned Turkish archaeologist Kenan Erim has a great service and contribution in reaching the present archaeological value of the city.

Miletus Museum : Miletus Museum was opened in 1973. Generally, it was prepared for the exhibition of archaeological artifacts found in Miletus. It consists of a hall with a pool and a second hall which opens to this hall and the other one is smaller. Here, BC. XV. century Mycenaean ceramics, Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman period works are exhibited.

Kurşunlu monastery : the most important feature of the church (chapel) ceiling is the crescents. symbolic and geometric motifs in the iconoclastic (against idol) period; In the second half of the 9th century, after the iconoclastic period, it was shown in religious events or personal frescoes. fish, rooster and grapes are the main religious symbols.

Güvercinada Castle : offers a visual show as well as history for those who see it with its wonderful view. Its purpose is to prevent attacks from the sea in the Peloponnese rebellion. While enjoying the sea in Aydın, you should definitely interfere with the historical atmosphere of the city. Magnesia Antique City, Miletus Theater, Didyma Antique City and Aphrodisias Antique City are among the points you can include in your list.

The ancient city of Tralleis : It is located on the plateau on the southern slope of the Chestnut Mountains to the north of Aydın. 1 km from the city center. away from the city, was founded by Argos and Tralleis. This city, which was founded on the fertile soil of the Menderes basin, changed hands frequently between the Hellenistic kingdoms after it was taken by Alexander in 3334 BC.

Forum Aydın: Founded in September 2007, Forum Aydın was launched as Multi Turkey’s third investment in the Aegean region. Forum Aydın, the largest shopping and living center of Aydın and its environs, is within walking distance of Adnan Menderes University, which has approximately 22,000 students, and 2 km from Adnan Menderes Boulevard, the city’s most vibrant commercial center. away. Forum Aydın has a good visibility from both sides of the Denizli motorway

Priene Antique City: Priene is small; structures as well. Most of the buildings belong to the youth years of the city. Here you will not encounter massive Roman buildings that catch your eye in many historical sites. The visitor feels that he is returning to the time of Alexander as he wanders through public buildings, streets and residences.

Arpaz Castle: The building group in Esenköy of Nazilli was founded on the slopes of Harpasa Castle, a Carian city. In some sources, the name is also referred to as the Arpaz Tower. It was built by Arpaz Beys at the beginning of XIXth century, the owner of the large farm enterprise which covers the cultivated land extending to Akçay. However, here XVII. And the remains of the Ottoman Period belonging to the XVIIIth centuries were also encountered. Based on this, it can be thought that the castle was built at an earlier period and later renewed. This place resembles a castle with a mansion, security tower, barn, stables and outbuildings. The tower was built by the masters brought by Hacı Hasan Bey from Arpazlı from Rhodes during the reign of Mahmut II.

Saplı Ada: Today, Saplı Ada , which is a separate land and a natural beauty, still extends like a bridge body between the shore and the island. The Hippedamos settlement of the 6th century was later destroyed. Although the walls around the settlement have been destroyed by the sea, it is possible to come across the remains of these walls in some parts of the island. Saplı Island is not an island; is the peninsula. There is a sea road where even a vehicle can easily pass through the sea. When the sea is withdrawn, the island can be reached by walking or by car. The sandy beaches around Sapli island, which resembles a temptation, are an exquisite option in Akbuk.

Zeus Cave: It is a beautiful wonder of nature where those who visit to their close surroundings cool down with the jumping place in the mouth of the cave where they enter the water. Sounds a little creepy to you. When the crowd goes, you can hit the bottom of the fun.

Didim Altunkum beach : Family beach is available, you can enjoy the azure sea. Watch out and don’t stay in the sun for long ..

08 – Places to visit in Artvin

Artvin, which is one of the most beautiful places of the Black Sea region, is not only fascinated by the beauty of nature and the warm approach of the people. in some regions it is also possible to use lazca as a mother tongue.

Trabzon and Rize , as well as the people in the region is referred to as laz , in our opinion, the actual city of lazlar artvin. 

Artvin, Çoruh River, which divides the province in two, long valleys with steep slopes, high mountains rising one after the other, natural forests without axes, crater lakes at the peaks of high mountains, Karagülleri, green plateaus, fauna and flora, historical church, castle and arch Bridge, traditional architecture and festivals with various tourism values ​​is an authentic tourist resort.

If your road falls around Artvin , I recommend you to visit Rize , Trabzon and Bayburt .

Atatepe :  It is a great place that makes goose bumps from the center to the hill and makes you say WHAT HAPPY TURKIM when you go to it. Recipe impossible experience!

Hell Creek Canyon : Remains remarkable with its elevation of more than 200 meters, resembling a steep wall and preserving its characteristic for several kilometers. Ardanuç is located in the Hell Stream and 25 km from Artvin-Ardanuç motorway. Canyon, located in the city, with its interesting natural structure is one of the places worth seeing in our province.

Double Bridge : The Ortacalar Kemer Bridges, estimated to be built in the 18th century, are planned to be perpendicular to each other at Küçükköy and Arılı road separation, 2.5 km before Ortacalar Village of Arhavi district. The two bridges are similar to each other and consist of one eye.

Deliklikaya : Deliklikaya, which is a hidden paradise yet and whose nature is intact, is a candidate to be one of the most important values ​​of our province in tourism.

Arsiyan Plateau : It is located between Pınarlı, Demirkapı, Ilıca villages of Şavşat and Posof district of Ardahan. On the Arsiyan Mountain, there are plateaus belonging to Cevizli, Yasar, Saylica and Kayadibi villages of Savsat. It is lined with lakes.

Village in the Highlands Plateaus, Artvin province Yusufeli district of the village. The village center is located on the upper shore of the Hevek Creek. The village has surrounding neighborhoods such as Olgunlar, Mosque, Şereze, Köramet and Karamolla.

Satlel Castle : A large part of the fortification walls of the castle, which was used during the Ottoman period, is still standing. In terms of plan type, it is similar to Bagratli castles. There are cistern and chapel ruins inside.

Mençuna Waterfall : Mençuna Waterfall is one of the most visited places in Arhavi. There are wildlife, historical bridges and various vegetation around Mençuna waterfall which increases tourism value day by day.

Maral Waterfall : Maral Waterfall, which adorns the Maçahel Valley, surrounded by three branches of the Karçal Mountains (3,415 meters), falls from a height of about 65 meters.

Yıldız Lake : The water of Yıldız Lake, which is fed from the mountain waters, is very cold. We are sure that the travelers who visit here in the summer will want to immerse themselves in the cool waters, but it should not be forgotten that the water is too cold to rinse.

Otingo Spa: Welcoming thousands of tourists from around the world every year with its healing spring waters, Otingo Spa distributes healing to its visitors for hundreds of years. The spa, which attracts great interest of local and foreign tourists, is located in Balcı village of Borcka district of Artvin.

Beyazsu Plateau : It is an extraordinary plateau decorated with dazzling landscapes that lie just below the peak of 3,405 meters of Karçal Mountain.

Dolishane Church : It was built by Sumbath, King of Bagrat X. XVI. century, a part of the monastery was used as a mosque, only the Church has reached today. According to the inscriptions found in the monastery church, the kingdom of Iberian king Tao-Klardjethie was built in 954-958 by the architect Gabriel.

Lifestyle Museum : The museum hosts all elements of cultural life from past to present. In addition to ethnographic products, the museum also includes some animation units in traditional life.

07 – Places to visit in Antalya

Antalya where the resorts and entertainment venues, Turkey’s top foreign tourists and guests know that we do not have meat.

The location may have missed a lot of sightseeing already apologized to all of you that we have the possibility to be seen, I strongly recommend you to visit to Antalya in Turkey, the capital of such a holiday.

It is very rare that it snowed in our province in summer and winter holidays. Here are the main places to visit without further ado.

Oymapınar Lake : You can also take a boat tour around the lake and mountain and forest trips around the lake. You can organize events according to the environment you have prepared yourself, you can even have a picnic with your friends

Kaputas Beach : Antalya is one of the most beautiful districts of Kas and Kalkan on the coastal road between the ‘Canyon mouth’ is defined as the water flowing from the bottom of the sea water flowing through the sand is known as a cool and turquoise beach.

Arykanda Ruins: Antalya is home to many artifacts, such as the historical ruins, as well as nightlife, sun and sea. The ancient city in Turkey Arykanda list is attached in ruins, visitors can provide quite pleasant environment to spend your time both in great demand both in care.

Gökbük Canyon : It is located in the village of the same name. In the canyon, endangered wild animals and many endemic plant species are seen.

Altınbeşik Cave : Altınbeşik is one of the national parks of our country. Another name of the cave is also known as Düdensuyu cave. The cave was very close to the Turkish tourism and our history was realized in 1995. The cave starts with a 125 meter long lake from the first entrance. There is a travertine formations at the end of the lake. After the travertine formations at the end of the lake, a 44-meter travertine formation leads to the second floor and there is another 130 meters long lake, which is shallower than the first one.

Aspendos Antique City : Antalya, famous for its ancient cities, attracts the attention of visitors with many historical buildings in the region. Aspendos in Serik district is one of the valuable ancient cities with an amphitheater.

Side Antique Theater: The importance of Side Theater in terms of architectural history; it is built on arched spaces, not on the mountain slopes like other Roman theaters. The theater, which consists of three parts: cavea, oskestra and scene, is the largest and monumental one among the Pamphylia theaters.

Köprülü Canyon : Köprülü Canyon is a natural wonder declared as a national park. The world-famous Köprüçay River passes through the canyon. The region attracts tourists from around the world every year.

Antalya Museum: It was founded in 1922 by teacher Süleyman Fikri Erten to protect the artifacts recovered from the looting of the occupation forces that came to the region after the First World War. The museum, which was first located in Alaaddin Mosque in Kaleiçi and then in Yivli Minare Mosque, was moved to its present building in 1972.

Düden Waterfall : Düden Waterfalls is one of the exquisite beauties of Antalya. We said eri waterfalls z because Düden Stream, which derives its origin from Kepez Hydroelectric Power Plant, is divided into two branches and the waterfalls in these two branches flow into the Mediterranean.

Alanya Castle: Alanya Castle, which is the symbol of Antalya and the town of Alanya, is approximately 250 meters above sea level and its length is 6.5 km.

Elmali Museum : The Elmali Museum is located in the building of the former government mansion and garden, which was built in 1941.

Yivli Minaret Complex : It is a collection of artifacts consisting of many Seljuk works in the Kalekapısı district of Antalya.

06 – Places to visit in Ankara

Turkey’s capital Ankara is also Turkey’s founder, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk ‘reputation is kabristanlıg the hosts. The Anıtkabir, which hosts more than 9 million visitors every year, can be confluent especially on November 10th.

Anıtkabir was designed as a result of the international architecture competition in 1941 and decided to be built in Rasattepe, which is the common decision of everyone. The construction of Anıtkabirstarts in 1943 and lasts for ten years. Thenofficially opens on November 10, 1953 .

Those who will visit the grave may need to spend a day in Anitkabir in order to make detailed investigations

Ankara Castle : There is not much information about the date when the Ankara Castle was first built, but according to various rumors, it is known that the Galatians came to Ankara when they came to Ankara. Established on a hill about 110 meters above the ground, Ankara Castle consists of two parts: inner castle and outer castle.

Hamamönü is the name of a district in the Aladağ district of Ankara. It ‘s named after a double bath built by Karacabey . The 19th century civil architecture in the neighborhood is an example of historical buildings and the neighborhood will be restored. Especially if you come during the summer months, you can enjoy some of the main activities

The Roman Bath was built in the 3rd centuryby theRoman Emperor Caracalla ,son of Septimius Severus , in thename ofHealth God Asklepios .

The Roman bath, built of stone and brick, measuring 80 × 130 meters , has been unearthed as a result of the archaeological excavations made by the Turkish Historical Society between 1938-1943 .

The Museum of Anatolian Civilizations , whose archeological artifacts of Anatolia are exhibited chronically, is located in the Two Ottoman structures by re-functional activities on the southeast coast of Ankara Castle’s outer walls. One of these buildings is Mahmut Pasha Bedesten and the other is Kurşunlu Han

Ankara University Toy Museum 1990 opened in Turkey’s first toy museum bearing the title of this museum is to be carried out in the control structure of the ministry of Culture and Tourism Ankara University. A showcase for local and foreign toy Toy museum , brought from all over Turkey’s archaeological area in museum exhibits also see copies of antique toys.

Estergon Castle , which was put into service on 29 May 2005 , exhibits works reflecting the culture of Turkish history in the museum.

The castle of Esztergom built for the survival of Turkish history and culture is named after Eszterg Castle in Hungary.

Arslanhane Mosque is a Seljuk mosque in Altındağ district of Ankara. It is known that the mosque was built during the period of Ahi. Its architect is Ebubekir Mehmet according to the inscription on the pulpit of the mosque .

The Museum of Natural History , founded in 1935 by the Directorate of Mineral Research, is one of the most popular museums in Ankara.

The museum, whose construction took a long time , was opened to the public in 1968 . The museum, established on a total area of 4000 m2 , consists of 3 separate floors.

05 – Places to visit in Amasya

Amasya, which laid the foundation of the War of Independence,  was the capital of the kingdom , educated scientists, craftsmen, poets and became a town where princes were educated.

If you want to see an interesting ancient city where the most beautiful Misket apple, cherry, peach and gumbo are produced, the history and nature are together, Amasya is waiting for you.

In total there are 6 districts outside the city center and it is located in the Black Sea Region .

Amasya offers interesting places to visit as a cultural tourism . According to the 2018 census, Amasya has a population of 337,508 people.

Mirror Cave , the daughter of all four worlds who want to marry her daughter, the father of the daughter, seeing the beauty of my daughter (who can not stand the beauty of the fainting) is based on and can watch her through the eyes of the world will give her daughter.

Seven climates, princes from four parishes, vizier children, world rich, valiant, scholars, in short, those who trust their youth and wrist power come to Amasya.

Low Bridge: The Low Bridge, which is located in the city center, is the only bridge remaining from the Roman period. It has lost its height with the descent and ascension of the river and therefore its name has remained as a Low Bridge among the people.

Kumacık Bath , which was built in 1494, is located in Amasya Beyazıt Paşa neighborhood. The dressing part to the north of the Kumacık Bath is accessed through a flat arched door. There is also a small porch in front of it. The dressing has a square plan and is covered with an octagonal high pulley dome.

Amasya Clock Tower ,  865 years of Amasya Governor was built by Ziya Pasha. It was demolished in the earthquake of 1938, it was demolished with the idea of ​​having a new one built while the YeniKöprü (Government Bridge) was built in 1940, and rebuilt in 2002.

Borabay Lake , a natural wonder, is an ideal option for hiking, picnicking and camping. 800 m from the sea. The crater lake (1050 altitude) is known as a crater lake. It is a natural embankment lake formed by the clogging of a small stream with debris from the surrounding area.

Lake Borabay is a natural landslide lake located about 25 km from the town of Taşova in Amasya and west of the village of Borabay. 1030 m from the sea. The deepest place of the lake is 36 meters.

Amasya Castle , located in the city center of Amasya , has a magnificent view and almost covers the whole city under your feet. We can say that Amasya is the most interesting place in terms of tourism.

Unfortunately, there is no clear information about who built the Amasya Castle. Some historians say the castle was built by Mithridates, while some historians claim that it was built by the King of Hatti, Harashna, and even came from his name.

Amasya Archaeological Museum: In 1925, a small number of archaeological artifacts gathered in two rooms of the madrasah building, which is a part of Sultan Beyazit Complex, were brought together by Islamic Mummies and a “ Museum Depot önce wascreated first.

Burmalı Minare Mosque : It is located behind today’s Bakırcılar Bazaar. The ruler of Seljuk II. Although it was suggested that it was built by the vizier Ferruh Bey during the time of Gıyaseddin Keyhüsrev between 1237-1247, the date of construction is not known exactly.

King Rock Tombs : Amasya King Rock Tombs are monumental tombs carved into limestone rocks on the southern slopes of Mount Harşena in Amasya. The tombs, also known as the Kings Valley, were built along the Yeşilırmak Valley and dominated by the city. There are 23 rock tombs of various sizes.

According to what we learned from Strabon, one of the antiquity writers, the tombs were built in the name of kings during the time of the Mitridat Kingdom. The largest of the rock tombs of the king is the latest in the west. This tomb is accessed by galleries and stairs. Also known as the Kral Great King’s Tomb bu, this tomb has suffered many devastations.

Yalıboyu Houses : Amasya manages to be the center of attention with its historical Yalıboyu Houses as well as attracting attention with its natural beauties and historical buildings. These houses, which serve today as hotels, cafes, bars and restaurants, carry the traces of the Ottoman period with their architectural textures.

In fact, this kind of historical houses can be found in various parts of Amasya. However, the traditional Ottoman houses on the Yeşilırmak coastline are among the best examples of the historical and architectural texture of Amasya. All the houses you have seen today are from the 19th century. Not all the houses belonging to the previous periods were able to survive either due to earthquakes, fires or the instability of wooden materials. ” HI have ” and ” Baghdadi ” made with the technique, often side by side, and the most beautiful examples of these historic homes while others Yalıboyu arranged adjacent house.

04 – Places to visit in Ağrı

Ağrı , which is located in the Eastern Anatolia region of our country , takes its name from Ağrı Mountain . Ağrı, which was a district in 1869 , became a province in 1927 . According to 2019 data, the total population of Ağrı is around 540,000 .

AĞRI Mount  ; Turkey’s highest mountain is Mount Ararat , in the border region of eastern Anatolia, Dogubayazit town of about 15 kilometers is located in the north east. According to legends, Mount Ararat is the place where Noah’s Ark is located.

Beyazıt Eski Mosque : is located in Doğubayazıt district of Ağrı province. This mosque was built in the time of Yavuz Sultan Selim . The mosque, known to have been built in 1510, was built on a steep hillside. The view of the mosque is also quite beautiful.

Diyadin Hot Springs is about 6 kilometers away from the town center. Diyadin thermal springs, which have a large area, consist of 3 separate regions. Spas are known to be good for skin diseases, rheumatism, various bones and gynecological diseases.

Meya Caves are located in the village of Günbuldu, which is about 15 kilometers away from Diyadin district. Caverns, temples and shelters built on rocks are very interesting. There are traces of interesting beliefs from shelter and places of worship.

Meteor pit, which is approximately 40 kilometers away from Dogubayazit, is about 3 kilometers from Gürbulak town border. The meteor, estimated to have fallen in 1892, caused a great noise and tremor with its fall. After the concussion, turbidity flows of nearby spring waters were reported.

Ishak Pasha Palace , which has 336 rooms, is one of the world-famous palaces with its stonework. Inside, there are many different areas such as mosques, tombs, city walls and wards.

Dogubayazit is one of the most visited sightseeing spots in the region. Rumor has it that he came back in pain and returned to Isaac’s pasha palace and did not die without seeing him.

Urartian fortress on the cliffs where Beyazıt Eski Mosque is located is unfortunately unknown. Even though it is quite ruined nowadays, visitors to Doğubeyazıt region are definitely included in the visit book.

The ice cave, located at the foot of the Mount Ararat, about 4 kilometers from the village of Hallaç, is one of the most interesting and mysterious places in the region.