01 – Places to visit in Adana

There are not many places to visit in Adana and many historical or touristic places or buildings to see. But I think that a 1-day program, and now I think the count is enough to see the places I think. I’m taking an estimated route and adding it down. Of course, I will be telling the new sides of Adana and Seyhan Dam Lake. Without further ado, I start to tell you the places to visit in Adana in order.

1- Places to Visit in Adana

First we start to walk around the city center. Our first stop will be the Stone Bridge. Respectively; We will visit the old Adana region and then we will move towards New Adana.

Adana Great Mosque 

Adana Ulu Mosque, located in Ulucami District of Seyhan district, was the largest mosque in Adana until 1998. The construction of the Great Mosque, formerly known as Ramazanoğulları Mosque, started in 1509 and was completed in 1541. The mosque, which is still open for worship, should be one of the historical places of Adana in the Adana travel guide

  • Bebekli Church

Another building among the historical places of Adana is an Italian Catholic church, whose real name is St. Paul’s Church. Since the statue of Virgin Mary on the top of the building is compared to the baby, it is called a church with dolls.

  • Adana Stone Bridge

 Another building that should be visited between the historical places of Adana is the Stone bridge. The bridge between the historical places of Adana was built in the 4th century. It also consists of 50 steps in length, as stated by Evliya Çelebi. If you want to prefer a comfortable transportation option while visiting the historical places of Adana , you  can look for Adana car rental facilities.

Sabancı Central Mosque

Sabancı Mosque , located on the banks of the Seyhan River in the Reşatbey district, has been serving since 1998 . It has traces of classical Ottoman architecture that has become the silhouette of the city with its high minarets and magnificent architecture.

You can visit the Sultan Ahmet Mosque as an external view, and the Sabanci Central Mosque, which resembles Selimiye Mosque as an interior design, whenever you want and see examples of beautiful calligraphy and tile art.


The symbol of Adana, Taşköprü lies on the Seyhan River and connects Seyhan and Yüreğir districts. You can add the historical work built by the Roman Emperor Hadrian to the top of your list of places to visit in Adana.

Central Park

The Central Park, which was established on two sides of the Seyhan River and opened in 2003, contains many plant varieties in its 33 hectare large area.

The large city park, where you can see more than 400 thousand varieties of plants, also includes children’s playgrounds, amphitheater, recreation areas, skating rink, running and bicycle track. You can visit the Central Park , which has a very nice atmosphere and view , at any time.

Seyhan Dam

The dam, which was built to prevent flooding caused by the Seyhan River and started to serve in 1956 , manages to impress the viewers with its magnificent view.

Seyhan Dam Lake and its surroundings, which is a very suitable place for those who want to be enchanted by the blue and green , are among the touristic spots that must be seen on the list of places to visit in Adana.

Archeology Museum

In the 
Archeology Museum opened in 
1924 , 
archaeological artifacts in Adana and its surroundings are exhibited. 
In the museum where there are many works belonging to the Phoenician, Hellenistic, Hittite, Assyrian, Phrygian, Roman and Byzantine periods, you can also see the works belonging to the Ottoman and Seljuk Period.

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