39 – Places to visit in Kırklareli

Kırklareli is located in the Thrace section of the Marmara Region, with its cave, lake, forest and many other cultural structures. Surrounded by Tekirdağ in the south, Edirne in the west and Burgas province of Bulgaria in the north, Kırklareli is a very rich city in terms of places to visit due to this location.  Historical districts are still found in districts such as Kırklareli Pınarhisar . It is possible to see both historical and natural beauties in districts such as Kırklareli Vize . You can camp in Kırklareli and enjoy nature by visiting natural areas such as Begendik Village ,  Kıyıköy Beach,  Balkaya Village,  İğneada Longozu,  Cehennem Waterfalls,  Dupnisa Cave, Istranca Mountains  . You can explore historical buildings such as Kıyıköy Lighthouse,  Vize Castle,  Aya Nikola Monastery, Babaeski Bridge . 

Igneada Longozu

İğneada is one of the places to escape from Istanbul especially at the weekend with its location close to Istanbul . Longoz forests, which are a unique natural formation within the scope of Kırklareli, are frequently preferred in recent years with their wide beach and calm and beauty of the villages in the region. Especially, Igneada is a unique spot for campers with its camping areas . It is also very suitable for canoeing in needles . Here you can go hiking all day long and capture amazing photo frames in the flooded forests. İğneada, which is in the Demirköy district of Kırklareli, is very close to  Istanbul  and you can reach this unique forest at the end of the 3-hour journey by renting a car in Istanbul . Istanbul airport car rental if you wish  You can easily go by evaluating the options.

Dupnisa Cave

Although there are many caves among the places to visit in Kırklareli, Dupnisa Cave, which is the only cave of Thrace opened to tourism, is quite large with two floors and three entrances. The natural spring water coming out of the cave, which is approximately 3 thousand meters long, forms the Rezve Creek. When you enter into the stalactites and natural formations inside the cave, it almost fascinates. Dupnisa Cave, which you must see when you go to Kırklareli, is located in Sarpdere Village in Demirköy district of Kırklareli province. You can reach the end of about 2 and a half hours with the rental car you will rent from Tekirdağ car rental options. According to a rumor, this cave, which was founded 180 million years ago, is one of the places to visit in Kırklareli and we can say that it is the most interesting place in terms of tourism. As you tour the inside of the cave, you will discover new signs, make you more curious and make your trip enjoyable.

Hagia Nikola Monastery

Aya Nikola Monastery was built by carving the rocks from the Byzantine period to the present day. One of the best examples of rock monasteries, Aya Nikola still maintains its presence with its sections devoted to churches and monks. With its location close to Kırklareli Kıyıköy, it is among the places to visit in Kırklareli.

Kıyıköy Beach

In Kıyıköy, which is one of the holiday destinations close to Istanbul, you  can rent a boat and have fun all day long with canoe and bicycles in the river. Thanks to its windy weather, you can make kites with children and have a nice holiday in this charming town. Kıyıköy campgrounds also respond to the need. Kıyıköy camping areas are calm and beautiful. You can camp in Kıyıköy and watch the night milky way.